The Hot Dog And Pretzel Combo Most Subway Customers Don't Know About

When a customer asked if Subway sold hotdogs three years ago, an employee on Reddit thought it was a laughing matter. But, recently, it has come to light that the franchise does, in fact, sell hotdogs and pretzels — and even the two as a combo.

In the same conversation from January 2020, Redditors noted that a Jeep factory in Toledo, Ohio sold hotdogs and pretzels. But Subway, it seems, withheld these products from its menu through its radical "Eat Fresh, Refresh" and "Subway Series" overhauls in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

Additionally, it turns out that specific Subway outlets sell more than just subs, hotdogs, and pretzels. "Our store was bought out by corporate about a month ago," said one Reddit user. "So far they've had us start to sell large pretzels, popcorn, pizzas [and] nachos." With this in mind, Subway selling a pretzel and hotdog combo doesn't really sound that peculiar ... Does it?

The likely most people don't know about this combo

A 2015 Reddit conversation suggests that select Subway outlets have been selling hot dogs for eight years already. "[...] In the States you can serve hot dogs at non-traditional locations as part of the optional snack program," said one person.

Josh Foltz had a first-hand experience of the latter when he wandered into a Walmart in Palm Beach, Florida. He noticed a steam tray with seven franks at the incumbent Subway. "I looked for a 'sausage' sandwich on that menu, thinking that might have been it, but nothing," he said (via The Takeout). The franks were for hotdogs and made up a rare $3.99 combo that included a soft pretzel and a drink. Redditors also confirmed pretzels being sold in Walmart Subways in the Midwest in May 2022 (with specific references to Michigan).

The likely reason for the combo's arcane nature is: Subway never intended for them to be part of its main menu. Perhaps it is as one person on Reddit suggested: "[For] non-traditional locations as part of the optional snack program."