Rachael Ray's Grocery Store Struggles Are Too Relatable

You may not believe it, but Rachael Ray does have her own struggles, and they happen to be the same as ours — at least where grocery stores are concerned.

In an interview with MarketWatch, the TV personality hints that her dexterity with food extends beyond its preparation to the economics behind it. While she says she's not a fan of overspending on herself, she does love to splurge on food. "I spend way too much money on food," claims the chef. Now that is certainly something we can all relate to, especially with inflation affecting nearly every aisle n the grocery store.

Of course, not all of us have the culinary prowess that Ray does, so chances are she does make use of all that food she buys. She tells MarketWatch, "I overcook for everything. If I have two people over, I cook for 12." She then adds that when she is in the store for only one or two items, "I will get mesmerized and come out with eight or 14 things and then I have to go make five more dishes because I have all this other stuff I have to use."

While many shoppers will relate to buying more than necessary, not every chef can make use of the extra ingredients and they may, sadly, go to waste.

Ray shops in ethnic food stores

Ray exclaims "I should never take myself shopping," and if you have ever watched the chef on TV, you're probably picturing her contagious laugh erupting after she says this. This is so relatable though because how many times have you left the grocery store with everything but milk and eggs on you list?

Another interesting tidbit we learned from Ray's interview is that she shops in both big chain stores and local supermarkets. She mentions shopping in a bodega, which is pretty smart according to Andrew Zimmern. The "Bizarre Foods" star also shops in ethnic food stores and notes that there are many food items in these stores that are less expensive than big box chains (via Alexander Street).  

MarketWatch asks Ray to elaborate on her bodega shopping and she shares "There are several good ones in my neighborhood. I'm always shocked at the product (quality and variety). I'm like, 'Where did they find this?'" That certainly sounds like a good thing to us, after all, who doesn't want more variety on the menu?