8 Healthy Breakfast Options

We all know that breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but it can also be the hardest to pull together—especially when you're still groggy from hitting the snooze button too many times and are running late to work. But how much better do you feel when you start the day by eating something delicious and good for you? Try these healthy breakfast options that can either be made ahead or literally thrown together in seconds.


Homemade Granola

From: Orangette Blog

Making your own granola seems like a daunting task, but it's incredibly satisfying because it's easy, fun and delicious. Play around with different nuts, spices or ingredients that you like in a granola, and make this recipe your own. Eat with milk, as a snack or with Greek yogurt and fruit (see below).


Banana Bread

From: TheDailyMeal.com

Banana bread is a great way to use overly-ripe bananas and can be stored in the fridge for a quick and tasty breakfast.


Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Muffins

From: TheWednesdayChef.com

These delectable muffins are great with a spoonful of yogurt or eaten on the go.


Overnight Miso Porridge

From: Food52.com

Although miso and porridge might sound like an odd mixture, they create a warm, soothing and flavorful dish.


Avocado Toast

From: TheKitchn.com

Avocado for breakfast may not jump to mind, but it's commonly eaten for breakfast in countries like Brazil. If you want to cut back on bread, try drizzling a little honey directly onto a halved avocado (pit removed) and adding some chopped mint.


Fruit Parfait

From: TheDailyMeal.com

This easy recipe can be thrown together with any fruit you have on hand and can be eaten at home or at work.


Wake-up Smoothie

From: Eating Well

This no-cook breakfast is the perfect way to jumpstart your day.


Sliced Raisin-Pecan Toasts with Honey and Cinnamon

From: TheDailyMeal.com

You can either buy sliced bread and store it in your freezer for a quick heat-and-go breakfast, or buy a fresh loaf the night before and store it in you refrigerator.