6 Dip-Worthy Hummus Recipes

Naming hummus as a universal favorite dip might seem like a bold move, but hummus actually happens to be one of the top-searched recipes on the web. In fact, it was featured as one of the 25 foods people want to make the most.

A creamy mash of chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, and oil, hummus is actually a healthy snack, as chickpeas are quite high in protein. (To keep this a healthy, stick with homemade whole-wheat pita chips or raw vegetables as dippers.) Plus, opting for a homemade version guarantees that there are no hidden chemicals or preservatives, which are often found in popular store brands (Sabra is amazing, but just take a look at the ingredients...)

It might surprise many to learn that traditionally, hummus is not made with tahini; in fact, when this sesame seed paste is added, the name changes to hummus bi tahini. If tahini is not in your cooking repertoire, don't sweat it — make this tahini-free recipe and don't look back. For those looking to add some creativity to the usual mix, try using seasonal ingredients like sunchokes or prepare it Greek-style with Kalamata olives.

Below, our editors share some of their favorite ways to prepare this delicious snack. Have a go-to of your own? Let us know!


Greek-Style Hummus

There are very few people who don't like hummus. Why? Because hummus is a chameleon... 

— Francesca Borgognone





Charred Jalapeño and Feta Hummus

To add a little spice to this easy-to-whip-up dish, I charred some jalapeños under the broiler...

— Yasmin Fahr





Easy Red Pepper Hummus

For when you want the red pepper flavor, but don't want to go to the trouble of roasting... 

— Maryse Chevriere





Lemon Hummus with Lebneh

This recipe for hummus uses lemon and roasted garlic in place of tahini... 

— Valaer Murray





No-Tahini Hummus

Man, you want some hummus. You have the garbanzo beans (chickpeas), but you forgot tahini...

— Arthur Bovino





Sunchoke Hummus with Meyer Lemon

I'm typically a stickler for authenticity, but when I heard we were doing hummus... 

— Will Budiaman