5 New Ways to Make Salmon

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Less traditional ways to make this heart-healthy fish
Salmon Smorgasbord

Salmon Smorgasbord

Salmon is a favored fish for many reasons, one of which is its numerous health benefits –  high protein levels, omega-3 oils, and Vitamins A and B. Another reason for its popularity is its versatility; it works well with a variety of flavor pairings and preparations. According to Chef Marcus Jernmark (a man who loves salmon so much he decided to host a Salmon Week at his restaurant), some of the more classical pairings include spinach, Swiss chard, asaparagus, eggs, and beans.

One of the problems with salmon, however, is that we tend to see it in these typical pairings quite often and can get bored. So we decided to mix things up a little and provide you with some less traditional salmon recipes that don’t include any classical pairings. This way you can get all of the good health benefits while enjoying delicious and perhaps a little unusual food.   


Note: When buying salmon, we recommend shopping for wild Alaskan salmon because it is the safest fish for you to eat health-wise and the best eco-friendly option as well. Check out our sustainable fish guide for more information. 


Juice-Box Salmon

An inspired mother turns to her child’s juice box to make a quick and tasty dinner.




Pickled Salmon

A recipe for pickled salmon that was quite popular in the early 1800s in Ireland. Maybe it’s time for a comeback.


Salmon, Like the Fish

This easy recipe uses Sansyo, a Japanese seasoning that gives a slightly hot and fiery taste to fish.



Salmon Sliders with Curry Rémoulade

One of Jernmark’s favorite ways to prepare salmon is to grill it, which achieves a nice charred flavor. He warns cooks to avoid overcooking it and recommends serving salmon between medium and medium rare. 


Salmon and Oyster Tartar

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Jernmark loves drinking a Pouilly Fumé from the Loire Valley with salmon.