3 Protein-Packed Smoothie Recipes to Help You Get Healthy

Don't think tofu belongs in your smoothie? Think again
Melissa d'Arabian's Healthy Green Smoothie

The Cooking Channel's 'Drop 5 Lbs with Good Housekeeping' host gives us her recipe

Tofu smoothie recipes.

Swimsuit season is starting to creep up on us — but that doesn't mean you should panic just yet. We're introducing a new series, where each week we will bring you healthy juice and smoothie recipes to help you get your body ready for summer. This week, we're finding new ways to add some protein into your morning drinks. One easy way? Tofu. With the help of tofu, you can pack a healthy punch into smoothies that have the benefits of soy and antioxidant-rich fruits

When searching for a tasty yet healthy snack, sip on a high-protein and nutrient-packed soy smoothie. Simply eating an apple or banana might be an easy grab, but you miss out on the satisfying protein that a tofu smoothie has to offer. A tofu smoothie is a healthy alternative that’s easy to whip up, satisfies your sweet tooth, and is low in fat — great for an after-workout snack. We used House Foods Premium or Organic Tofu, but any kind of soft tofu would work for blending into a smoothie.

Throw in some tofu with your favorite fruits you're already juicing and blending, and you're set for hitting your protein daily value goal. (One of our smoothies has 12 grams of protein; that's 23 percent of your daily value intake for protein. Click ahead for the following recipes: 

Strawberry Sunshine Tofu Smoothie Recipe

Tropical Tofu Smoothie Recipe

Very Berry Tofu Smoothie Recipe

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