McDonald's Grandma McFlurry Is Bursting With Butterscotch

McDonald's is not only a dining destination for the young but also for those in their twilight years. These glorious golden girls and boys often flock to the Golden Arches to hang out with friends or to bring the grandkids along for a snack and to blow off steam in a PlayPlace, if you can still find one. In the summer of 2024, McDonald's is honoring the spirit of grandmothers everywhere with a sort of down-home inspired new dessert — the butterscotch-infused Grandma McFlurry.

Tariq Hassan, chief marketing and customer experience officer at McDonald's, said in a press release, "Grandmas have always held a special place in our hearts, and today they're having a major moment influencing culture — inspiring trends in fashion, decor and now, even food with our newest McFlurry." He added, "The Grandma McFlurry tastes like a trip down memory lane, and we're excited to give our fans that experience while honoring the grandma-figure in all our lives."

So, is McDonald's Grandma McFlurry something you should McHurry to run out and get, or more or a McSlurry family heirloom to be embarrassed of? I wanted to get more familiar with this limited-time member of the dessert family to see where the truth lies. This chew and review is based on taste, uniqueness, overall lovability, and if it actually honors grandmothers the world over.

What does McDonald's Grandma McFlurry taste like?

While the Grandma McFlurry certainly doesn't look like the photos McDonald's uses in its advertising, not everything a grandma makes needs to look perfect. This McFlurry is housed in a cute cup with pink stripes, an embroidered McDonald's logo, and a "handwritten" hugs and kisses signature from Grandma herself, capped off with an open-air plastic lid. 

After receiving mine, and then removing the lid, the Grandma McFlurry appears like the top of a volcano, with melted soft serve flowing just inside the crater. Most of this dessert's color is various shades of gold, including some of its textured pieces, with some unblemished spots of white. 

I was actually unaware of what the contents of the Grandma McFlurry were before I tasted it. One quick whiff of its comely butterscotch aroma brought a smile to my lips, right before they parted ways and I got down to eating it. The nose gave me an idea of what Granny had in store, but the tongue and taste buds revealed it to be bursting with butterscotch flavoring. The butterscotch syrup wasn't very solid, but its fluidity was rich in deliciousness. The butterscotch yum was doubled up by the dusty crumble bits. The way the crumbles grind in the teeth felt like a fun mash-up of a softened toffee-flavored granola. If you find it a little too toothsome, try sticking a couple salty fries into the mix to balance out the sweetness.

McDonald's Grandma McFlurry nutritional information

McDonald's Grandma McFlurry is made up of vanilla reduced-fat ice cream, butterscotch-flavored crumbles, and butterscotch-flavored syrup. A deeper dive into its makeup reveals such ingredients as milk, sugar, cream, corn syrup, natural flavor, brown sugar, salt, caramel color, annatto, and turmeric. It contains the common allergens milk and soy and may contain traces of peanuts. 

The Grandma McFlurry is a single serving size. It is good for 600 calories, 11 grams of protein, an astronomical 102 grams of carbohydrates, 16 grams of fat, 12 grams of saturated fat, 340 milligrams of sodium, 40 milligrams of cholesterol, 86 grams of sugars total, and 400 milligrams of calcium.

How to buy McDonald's Grandma McFlurry

The Grandma McFlurry is only available for a limited time, while supplies last, at participating nationwide McDonald's. Like the Oreo and M&M McFlurries, the Grandma one can also be found under the Sweets & Treats menu. Price may vary by location, but the one I purchased in Manhattan set me back $5.29.

While some might have questions about McDonald's ice cream, ordering the Grandma McFlurry is pretty straightforward. One can order it in-store at the counter, at a kiosk, or via the drive-thru, or in advance for pickup using the company's app or website. Delivery through various partners is also an option, where available. While some locations may serve it all day long, others may not. Be sure to consult the McDonald's app or website for availability at your nearest location.

You won't need any McDonald's ice cream hacks when it comes to the Grandma McFlurry. However, for an extra charge, add-ons include hot fudge topping, caramel topping, crushed Oreo pieces, and whipped cream. It does not appear that the butterscotch-flavored crumbles or the butterscotch-flavored syrup are available to be added to any other McFlurry, sundae, or McDonald's ice cream product.

Final thoughts on McDonald's Grandma McFlurry

For a couple of decades, Werther's Original candies pushed the idea that grandfathers loved its candy and would then pass that passion down to their grandchildren. That was all a marketing illusion that actually seemed to work its magic on consumers, and actual grandfathers. I think McDonald's is onto something here in promoting the idea that its new creamy and luscious concoction was whipped up by someone's nana in a tiny kitchen. Its name and "Mama's Family"-type cup give it a built-in sense of credibility, originality, and hominess. My grandmother never made me a McFlurry, let alone an ice cream sundae, and now I kinda wish she did.

Beloved elderly ladies aside, the Grandma McFlurry is just an all-around excellent soft serve dessert. Some may find the double dose of butterscotch a bit of overkill, but for me, it's the flavor that McDonald's ice cream has been desperately lacking in. The draws for most of McDonald's McFlurries are the name-brand candies or cookies that are smashed into it, giving the eater an expected taste result. The Grandma McFlurry is an unknown entity, which allows it to have its own personality and story. McDonald's has cultivated its loose origins, and it's up to us to scarf it down and then flesh and shout out the rest of the story of Grandma's glorious McFlurry. Word to your grandmother!