The Chipotle Ordering Hack That Could Get You Way Bigger Portions

Fans of Chipotle are always looking for ways to maximize their meals. Take the Chipotle ordering hack that results in more protein, which is perfect for ultra-hungry diners. Another ingenious hack making the rounds on TikTok suggests ordering extra sides to score a massive amount of food for under $10, according to the creator of the video. In the clip, the TikToker presents a giant container brimming with meat, veggies, rice, and other goodies, claiming it equals "four meals."

It's a fact of life that some restaurant hacks aren't all they're cracked up to be (such as certain fast food secret menu items you can probably skip). Accordingly, it's natural to be a bit skeptical of this hack, especially when you see just how much food it supposedly results in. To verify whether the hack works, Daily Meal reached out to Chipotle and asked whether restaurants typically charged for extra sides. According to the representative, individual locations get to decide how to handle costs related to extra sides. And in some cases, customers are not charged for any added sides that fit into the bowl.

When customers might be charged for extras at Chipotle

As you might expect, viewers of the TikTok clip detailing Chipotle's ordering hack expressed a bit of doubt. As stated by a commenter, "Once I asked for extra lettuce and I got legit [three] strands." Another person said, "I'll say extra rice, beans, etc and they BARELY give you more." However, the original poster remained steadfast in their claim that their hack was the real deal, stating, "I always order through the chipotle lane and get mounds of food!"


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With any type of fast food hack, customers must remember that different locations have different rules, and these rules will impact the total cost of your meal. As stated by the Chipotle representative contacted by Daily Meal, certain locations begin charging for sides if you get three or more. In this case, charges can range from 30 cents to $1.15 depending on the restaurant. Other locations might charge for additions if you request an extra cup of a topping that's already included in the bowl.

Putting the extra sides hack into action

In addition to speaking with Chipotle, Daily Meal also tested out the TikTok-endorsed hack on the app. When ordering the chicken bowl via the app, customers are allowed a maximum of three sides per order. However, you're free to order as many extra toppings as you'd like without incurring an additional charge (provided the toppings don't naturally involve an added charge, such as queso or guacamole). Upon checkout, the price of the order remained the same as the original chicken bowl without all the embellishments.

Keep in mind that your experiences may differ based on the policies of your preferred Chipotle. You may also experience differences when ordering online versus ordering in store, which is a factor with the Chipotle burrito hack that's a little too good to be true. If you're a Chipotle regular and want to get freebies, consider joining the chain's points-based rewards program. That way, you can rest assured of savings if your local Chipotle is not as generous with its extra sides.