The Gourmet Cheese That Takes Your Deviled Eggs To The Next Level

A go-to finger food for Easter gatherings and baby showers, deviled eggs are special occasion hors d'oeuvres that deserve a spot in your weekly rotation of snacks. However, you might want to remix a classic deviled egg recipe by incorporating gourmet cheese. Deviled egg filling is typically made with egg yolks, mayonnaise, mustard, and pickle juice or relish piped into a smooth, hard-boiled egg white. By introducing goat cheese to the creamy amalgam of ingredients, you get a batch of deviled eggs that are rich, buttery, and oh-so-satisfying. 

Goat cheese has a unique flavor that's equal parts tart, sweet, and savory, rounding out the zippy taste of mustard and relish while bolstering the pillowy texture of the classic filling. Whipped goat cheese is the easiest form to use when introducing it to deviled eggs. Although you can top them with crumbles, whipped goat cheese ensures an even flavor distribution, facilitates streamlined piping into the egg whites, and blends harmoniously with the other ingredients in the filling.

How to whip goat cheese into deviled egg filling

Goat cheese is typically sold as blocks or crumbles, and whipped goat cheese can be harder to come by in supermarkets, which means you'll have to whip solid goat cheese into your deviled egg filling. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to integrate the cheese into the yolky mixture with the help of a few kitchen tools. 

The easiest way to puree goat cheese into a traditional deviled egg filling is with a food processor. Food processors are specifically designed to break down whole ingredients into smaller sizes or, in this case, turn ingredients into a creamy, whipped puree. Although goat cheese is soft, it's also crumbly, so it might be helpful to add a dash of oil or citrus juice if you notice that the filling looks or feels a bit dry. If you don't have a food processor, turn to your blender and follow the same steps.

Although electric-powered appliances simplify the process of preparing goat cheese deviled egg filling, they're not necessary. If you have a potato masher, you can pulverize your ingredients by pressing and twisting the hand-held tool until the yolky blend is smooth. A mortar and pestle is another excellent option, and if all else fails, use a fork to break everything down until it's nice and buttery.

For all the options above, consider starting the process when the goat cheese is at room temperature where it's pre-softened. Because why work harder when you can work smarter?

Jazzing up goat cheese deviled eggs

Infusing deviled egg filling with goat cheese is enough to re-inspire your love for your deviled eggs. However, if you're a flavor fanatic and don't mind taking a few extra steps, there are some additional complementary ingredients that will bolster the decadence of goat cheese and take your deviled egg filling from ordinary to extraordinary.

Elevate your deviled eggs with one spicy Indian staple – curry paste. Depending on what type you purchase, you can thread your goat cheese-studded deviled eggs with a fragrant, spicy twist that won't compromise the creaminess of the filling. If you do, however, crave a textural contrast in your luscious goat cheese-kissed deviled egg recipe, add some crunch with breadcrumbs. Whether you use grainy panko breadcrumbs or herb-infused Italian breadcrumbs, this simple ingredient can fill out a batch of deviled eggs while giving it a much-needed touch of crispiness.

To fortify the tangy essence of goat cheese deviled eggs, top the finished product with some pickled produce. Pickled red onions will give the cheesy deviled eggs an ultra-tart bite and a visually appealing pop of color while pickled jalapeños will add both crunch and fire.

Whichever way you choose to zhuzh them up, kiss humdrum deviled egg filling goodbye and enjoy an upgraded filling by introducing it to some tangy, delicious goat cheese. Trust us, you'll be craving this upgraded egg snack every day of the week.