12 Best Steakhouses In Las Vegas

Over recent decades, Las Vegas, Nevada, has transformed itself into one of the United States' premier gastronomic cities. This metamorphosis is directly linked to the changing wants of those who visit the city as Gary Selesner, president of Caesar's Palace, explained to CBS News: "We began to see younger and more diversified groups of people arriving in Las Vegas with different aspirations with what to do with their vacation and it turned out that one of the key drivers for many of these people became food." As a result, the resorts that dominate Vegas pivoted to higher quality restaurants. The rest of the city soon followed. Vegas' reputation as a culinary capital is only being enforced through the city's hosting of awards ceremonies for various leading gastronomic authorities including 50 Best.

Thanks to the city's gastronomic boom, Las Vegas currently boasts more than its fair share of steakhouses. This comes as little surprise; the expensive, luxurious associations people draw with this restaurant style suit the glitz and glam of Sin City perfectly. Of these steakhouses, the following 12 have been widely celebrated by well-established media brands and their associated critics. While lauded by critics, we ensured that each one was also enthusiastically reviewed by everyday customers. Further details of our methodology can be found at the bottom of the article. Until then, dig into some of the best steakhouses Las Vegas has to offer.

1. Jean-Georges

(702) 590-8660

3730 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89158

Jean-Georges is a chic, modern steakhouse located inside the Aria Resort & Casino. The ambiance usually associated with steakhouses — white tablecloths and picture-lined walls — is not present here. Instead, diners are treated to an enthusiastic, high-energy restaurant as befits its location on The Strip. A loosely defined, business casual dress code further relaxes matters.

Despite not boasting the ambiance of a traditional steakhouse, Jean-Georges does offer classical dishes, including a 36-ounce USDA Prime porterhouse and Chilean sea bass. However, the highlight of the menu is clearly the selection of certified Japanese F1 wagyu and kobe beef. The latter is available as a 3, 6, or 9-ounce New York sirloin while the former comes in three different cuts: filet, New York strip, and ribeye. Although prices are not listed on the menu, it's reported that these selections are incredibly expensive; the 3-ounce Kobe New York strip reportedly sells for over $200.

Such decadent steaks ensured that Jean-Georges was ranked the 99th best steakhouse in the world by World's Best Steakhouses, an annual ranking created by UpperCut Media House. Given this ranking, and the restaurant's reputation, making a reservation for Jean-Georges is advised.

2. Craftsteak


(702) 891-7318

3799 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

As has become a trademark of Tom Colicchio's restaurants, Craftsteak prioritizes simplicity above pretentiousness, and good quality ingredients in place of challenging foams or decadent sauces. While always timeless, such an approach is especially welcome in a city like Las Vegas where so many restaurants resort to outlandish and garish dishes to gain attention. Aside from the range of stripped back food, Colicchio's laidback style is reflected in the restaurant's décor, which is both classy and contemporary without verging towards stuffy. At Craftsteak, business casual is the order of the day.

Although pared back, Craftsteak's menu does not lack choice. All meats come with the option of being roasted, grilled, or braised. What's more, a variety of cuts and breeds are offered including both Japanese and American wagyu. All beef is dry-aged in house and a variety of ages are available to order for most cuts.

As it is located in the MGM Grand, the usual showstoppers feature, including a huge, 42-ounce tomahawk steak. That being said, the best entrées are found among the more modest options, especially Craftsteak's 24-hour braised beef short ribs. Priced at $65, this dish is a steal for Las Vegas steakhouses. Thankfully, there's no shortage of beverage options to accompany these meals. Craftsteak has a wine cellar that's over 2,500 bottles strong. Add to that the largest scotch and bourbon selection found anywhere in the city and you have a steakhouse that even the pickiest drinkers will be happy to frequent.

3. One Steakhouse

One Steakhouse
(702) 522-8111

4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, ND 89169

One Steakhouse is located in the Virgin Hotels Las Vegas resort. As with the resort itself, One Steakhouse boasts a modern, spacious, and calming ambiance over both of its two floors. The lower floor, which holds the main dining room, is lit by a breath-taking LED chandelier made from 3,000 pieces of glass. Releasing a changing array of colors, the impact of this light fitting is immense as Jenna Morton, co-owner of Morton Group highlighted to Eater: "A venue like this is a departure from reality. Especially after this pandemic, you're often eating at home. If you go out to eat it, we're pulling out for something special."

Thankfully, One Steakhouse's menu is just as impressive as the setting in which it is served. Surf and turf options, including an American wagyu strip and Alaskan king crab legs combo, prove especially enticing while those looking to make a statement can order an 18-pound USDA Prime tomahawk steak that serves between 10 and 12 people. Of course, such a steak does not come cheap; the tomahawk costs $1,500 and must be ordered 72 hours in advance. Those looking for more modest options can expect to pay around $80 for a steak of their own.

4. Bazaar Meat

Bazaar Meat
(702) 761-7610

2535 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

José Andrés is a Spanish chef famed for his bold, innovative approach to cooking. His powers are on full display at Bazaar Meat, a steakhouse located in the Sahara Las Vegas. This restaurant is a large celebration of everything meat-related and is dramatically styled with chandeliers made from antlers and leather chairs dominating the space. Bazaar Meat is not overly formal, however, with casual elegant being the suggested dress code.

When it comes to the food, Andrés does a masterful job fusing traditional steakhouse dishes with techniques borrowed from molecular gastronomy. This is evidenced through playful dishes such as Ferran Adrià Olives, a nod to Andrés' former employer, and Cotton Candy Foie Gras. In terms of meat entrées, traditional Spanish dishes are the heaviest hitters with an exceptional Ibérico pork chop being offered for around $60. Those in a big group can opt to make a statement by ordering an entire suckling pig for $620. Others, who prefer to sample a variety of dishes, are best served opting for one of the two tasting menus. Be warned, however, that these options don't come cheap. Both tasting menus are priced in excess of $200. Even a side of mashed potato clocks in at just under $20.

Evidently, many people think Bazaar Meat warrants this kind of pricing. The steakhouse has received numerous rave reviews and was even named the 10th best steakhouse in the world by World's Best Steakhouses.

5. Carversteak

(702) 550-2333

3000 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

Carversteak toes the line between serious steakhouse and relaxed, modern restaurant thanks to the marriage of tasteful decor and modern technology. This is most obviously demonstrated at the 70-foot bar, behind which a huge LED screen is situated. This screen, and other installations, allow the Carversteak team to expertly manipulate the ambiance of the restaurant in real time as founder Sean Christie highlighted to Robb Report: "How do we create energy and adrenaline without being a quote-unquote noisy restaurant [...] We have control of every single one of our lights, every single pin spot. We control every single speaker, so we can meet the needs of the environment."

Carversteak also embraces the 21st century by incorporating several performative aspects into the dining experience, including allowing patrons to select from five custom steak knives and offering a tableside martini service. Thankfully, Carversteak is not all bark and no bite. High quality steaks, sourced from excellent suppliers, such as Allen Brothers, dominate a menu that also features premier options including a 42-ounce wagyu tomahawk steak, priced at $260. That being said, the standout entrée is actually Lobster En Croute; a whole, 2-pound lobster encased in puff pastry and served with lobster-cognac cream.

As is often the case in Las Vegas restaurants, smart casual is the dress code with no athletic attire allowed. Given the restaurant's massive 14,500-square-foot floorplan, making a reservation is not essential, although it remains advised.

6. Golden Steer

Golden Steer
(702) 384-4470

308 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102

While other steakhouses on this list pride themselves on being modern, Golden Steer does the exact opposite, leaning into the fact it's Las Vegas' oldest steakhouse at every opportunity. The restaurant's interior reflects this. Red leather banquettes, huge booths, and white tablecloths are the key features of this old school space. The menu is equally classic, spotlighting traditional cuts of USDA Prime, wet-aged, corn-fed beef. Of these, the 12-ounce filet mignon stands out thanks to its extremely tender texture. Other menu highlights include the Caesar salad, which is made tableside.

Golden Steer has hosted numerous celebrities over the decades and has become something of a Las Vegas landmark itself. Because of this, customers must always reserve their table well in advance. During booking, customers can request a booth, which is advised for the ultimate Golden Steer experience. Given the setting, business casual attire is the dress code, although there will be many patrons who are more dressed up.

Given the restaurant's history, many suspect that eating at Golden Steer does not come cheap. These suspicions are well founded. All steaks are priced above $80 and sides are priced at $14. That being said, there are definitely many other steakhouses in Las Vegas that are far more expensive.

7. Barry's Downtown Prime

Barry's Downtown Prime
(702) 726-5504

8 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 89101

While many of these steakhouses are found on Las Vegas' famous strip, Barry's Downtown Prime is not. This is not to say that it is located in a quiet spot; it's found on Vegas' bustling Fremont Street and is part of the area's Fremont Street Experience. Nor is the restaurant itself quiet. Thanks to the high esteem owner and chef Barry Dakake is held in, the restaurant is full most nights. After living and working in Las Vegas for over 20 years, Dakake is known as one of the city's best chefs, especially when it comes to cooking steak, and many regulars have followed him from restaurant to restaurant throughout the years

Those lured to Barry's Downtown Prime by the promise of perfectly cooked steaks will not be disappointed. An array of both dry- and wet-aged steaks are on offer, including an 8-ounce bison filet. A 16-ounce, bone-in filet mignon and a 46-ounce American wagyu tomahawk are two other big draws. Other notable menu items include a heavily loaded shellfish platter, which features Maine lobster, American oysters, and king crab legs. These premium dishes carry premium prices with a small platter costing $199. While cheaper, other items are by no means a steal; every steak costs around $70 or more.

The restaurant itself is a celebration of mid-century design. Expect glamorous furniture and fittings in warm colors. Customers are expected to dress in a similarly smart manner.

8. Oscar's Steakhouse

Oscar's Steakhouse
(702) 386-7227

1 Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89101

Named for ex-mob attorney and former mayor of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman, Oscar's Steakhouse embraces the city's history by offering a taste of what Vegas' steakhouses were like decades ago. It does this by offering a very traditional menu packed with crab cakes, creamed spinach, and USDA Prime steaks. All steaks are cooked on a grill heated to 600 degrees F and boast a lovely, crisp exterior. We'd suggest ordering the 14-ounce New York strip and washing it down with one of the restaurant's signature cocktails.

While the food is terrific, Oscar's real allure is its setting. The dining room is encased in a glass dome, which offers terrific views of Fremont Street. What's more, it's significantly cheaper than many steakhouses found on The Strip. Steaks at Oscar's can be purchased for around $60. A few entrées are even found in the $20 to $40 price range.

9. Bavette's Steak House

Bavette's Steak House
(702) 730-6700

3770 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV 89109

Of all the steakhouses on this list, Bavette's Steak House is perhaps the most beautiful. It is atmospheric, intimate, and classy thanks to red leather banquettes, Tiffany glass shades, and a large, tiled bar. This ambiance is matched by a menu that spotlights traditional cuts of beef, including bone-in ribeyes, larger porterhouses, and traditional filet mignons. Other entrées include pork chops and both glazed cod and salmon.

Where Bavette's really stands out, however, is the drinks list. The steakhouse stocks a huge array of wine and spirits, sourced from all over the world. Over 25 types of scotch are available along with numerous other whiskies and bourbons. Seven different takes on a martini are served by the well-drilled bar staff, each offering a slightly different version of this classic cocktail. Another long time favorite that's been reworked is the old fashioned. Four differing options are offered, each spotlighting a different whiskey.

The combination of excellent food and a large drinks menu saw Bavette's Steak House be named the 18th best steakhouse in the world by World's Best Steakhouses. In other words, this French-inspired steakhouse is not one to miss.

10. Herbs & Rye

Herbs & Rye
(702) 982-8036

3713 W. Sahara Ave,  Las Vegas, NV 89102

Herbs & Rye stands out on this list because it's the only establishment with drinks more famous than its steaks. This is because Herbs & Rye is one of Las Vegas' premier cocktail bars. In fact, the bar was named the 27th best bar in North America by The World's 50 Best. Founder of Herbs & Rye Nectaly Mendoza explained the concept behind the bar to Las Vegas Business Press: "I wanted a place people can go to get great food, great cocktails and not pay a fortune. I've been to great restaurants where the cocktails aren't good and I've been to a cocktail bar but the food isn't good. I wanted an equal balance between the two."

While the award-winning cocktail list ranks as one of the best in the country, Herbs & Rye also delivers on the food, serving a variety of steaks, pastas, and flatbreads. In terms of beef, many popular cuts are offered including a New York strip and filet mignon. To make matters even better, all steaks are included in the brand's happy hour deal. Between five and eight in the evening and midnight to three in the morning, they are offered half price, meaning you can grab an eight-ounce flat iron for $21.

As a popular, off-strip hangout for locals, the ambiance is fun and relaxed. Don't worry about a dress code, just be sure to try a couple cocktails alongside your steak.

11. SW Steakhouse

SW Steakhouse
(702) 770-3325

3131 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Located in the world-famous Wynn Las Vegas resort, SW Steakhouse oozes both quality and class. Packed with cream and copper colors, the dining room is modern and elegant, complete with white tablecloths and a climate-controlled patio. Guests are expected to be equally smart; collared shirts and cocktail dresses are recommended.

Thankfully, the food warrants such fuss. SW Steakhouse is one of 37 American restaurants that serve certified kobe beef. Kobe tenderloin, New York strip, ribeye, and rib cap cuts are all available, starting at $300 per 4-ounce steak with $75 being added for every ounce thereafter. While not as expensive, SW Steakhouse's other steaks are by no means cheap; at $82 an 8-ounce USDA Prime filet mignon is the most affordable option. Other, decadent menu items abound with SW Steakhouse offering its fair share of oysters, caviar, and Maine lobster.

Given the restaurant's luxurious nature, it's no surprise that SW Steakhouse boasts an encyclopedic wine list. Both new world and old world wines are well-represented. Most bottles cost a couple hundred dollars, however, some large-format bottles are listed for $25,000. Those looking for more affordable options can order a variety of wines by the glass or indulge in one of SW Steakhouse's signature cocktails.

12. CUT

(702) 607-6300

3325 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV 89109

CUT, part of Wolfgang Puck's impressive restaurant empire, is seen by many as Las Vegas' premier steakhouse. Here, inside the Venetian Resort, exceptional steaks are served in a polished, competent manner that demonstrates Puck's trademark flair. Appetizers and sides reveal a more playful side, as typified by sliders filled with American wagyu patties, truffle aioli, Swiss cheese, and caramelized onions. By comparison, entrées lean more serious with USDA Prime, American, Australian, and Japanese wagyu all available. Most impressive of all is a 40-ounce, Australian wagyu tomahawk sourced from Stone Axe and priced at $425. A smaller, exclusive menu titled "Rough Cuts" is only available at CUT's bar and includes dishes like Crispy Wagyu Beef Wontons.

When it comes to beverages, CUT continues to impress. A range of affordable, by the glass wines are offered as well as the expected, luxury bottle options. Of greatest note, however, are the cocktails, especially the steakhouse's old fashioned trolley cart service.

Both Puck's and CUT's reputation is substantial. For this reason prospective customers are advised to book their table well in advance, especially if wishing to dine on weekends or holidays. As befits such an establishment, business casual is the required dress code.


We selected these restaurants based on reviews from established media brands that employ professional critics including Forbes, Eater, and Condé Nast Traveler. We also took into account the steakhouses' standing in international ranking bodies such as World's 50 Best and World's Best Steak Restaurants. These reviews and rankings were all cross-checked against amateur reviews posted on Reddit and other forums, ensuring these restaurants offer the same exceptional service for the average diner as they do professional critics.