José Andrés' New Research Center Is Dedicated To Food And Climate Change

José Andrés has made a name for himself as a talented chef and as a leader in disaster relief with his World Central Kitchen. Now, the chef is using his passion for solving problems to tackle another crisis: looming climate change and its potential impact on the world's food supply.

Partnering with George Washington University, Andrés intends to open an institute to study the future of global food production and the role of climate change on supply chains. In a written statement provided to Axios, Andrés explained his reasoning for the project, saying, "The world we live in today is confronted by a wide range of complex crises, and the global food system sits at the heart of each of them." 

The newly formed Global Food Institute will look at health, food insecurity, and climate, all while developing tools to fight potential disruptions to the food system.

The Global Food Institute will bring students and advocates together

Funding for the project has come through philanthropic donations, including a personal one from José Andrés himself. The institute will be based in Washington, D.C., though its future home is still being scoped out. Because Andrés is working with George Washington University to develop the institute, there's an opportunity to engage the school's students around the subjects of food insecurity and climate change.

The Global Food Institute will study ways to fight food insecurity in a changing world. Instead of a lobbying organization, ihe Institute's approach will be advisory in nature. It will make recommendations for food policy based on study and evidence without being an advocacy organization. 

If there's anyone who understands the pivotal role that food plays around the globe, it's Andrés. And it's safe to assume he'll bring the same care he's brought to World Central Kitchen.