15 Cool Picnic Essentials

Update your style with these contemporary pieces for modern day picnics

In the warmer months of the year, nothing quite beats a picnic when getting together with friends over a mouth-watering meal. Yet, our modern-day picnicking style isn't quite the same as that of generations before us.

While you might still have a fully-stocked picnic hamper in your basement, consider modernizing your equipment so that packing an al fresco meal to-go is easier than you think. Now, we're not just talking about swapping out that old sheet or quilt for a nylon-backed water-resistant picnic blanket, here. Think cool bowls and wine glasses that are compact and shatterproof, and a grill that you can tote over your shoulder. For those looking to take their lunchbreak outside, consider packing that homemade sushi or gazpacho for a picnic lunch with your co-worker midday with these handy essentials. Picnics aren't only to take place at mealtimes, either. Bring along this stocked caddy and a bottle of wine along on your next sunset hike with your significant other, for example. 

Whatever your picnic style, update your picnic basket essentials with some of these cool tools we’re lusting after this year.

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