White Castle's Sloppy Joe Sliders Are Back For A Limited Winter Run

Just in time for the winter weather, a popular White Castle menu item makes a triumphant return: Sloppy Joe sliders are back for a limited time. Available on White Castle menus through February 4, 2024, the Sloppy Joes come in three options: the classic Sloppy Joe Slider, Smoky Joe, and Spicy Joe Slider. Its regular Sloppy Joe is a traditional take, blending sweet and savory with a tomato-forward profile, and gets a boost from onions and bell peppers. The Smoky Joe adds cheddar cheese and crispy onions, and the Spicy Joe Slider draws its heat from spicy jalapeño cheese and jalapeño crisps.

White Castle first launched this winter menu item in 2019. The Smoky Joe was added in 2020, and the Spicy Joe arrived in early January 2022. At the end of 2022, all three menu offerings returned to much fanfare. Whether this is due to the nostalgia associated with the food, their hearty flavor, or the desire to enjoy a classic comfort food dish in winter, the Sloppy Joe sliders have developed a following. 

The classic Sloppy Joe has a suggested retail price of $1.19; the other two flavors are $1.49. In addition, the menu items can be combined in a mix-and-match Joe Six-Pack for $6.99. While available nationwide, its Orlando, Florida location does not offer these seasonal menu items.

White Castle puts comfort food front and center

When White Castle's Sloppy Joe launched in 2019, BigDaddysWorld on YouTube reviewed the product and said, "This is exactly what you would expect from a Sloppy Joe." The reviewer also mentioned how its peppery, flavorful bite and associated mess speak to its authenticity. Other reviewers concurred and shared their appreciation for the texture and flavor contrasts. However, some who reviewed the bite-sized handheld noted the mess might be a downside for people who plan to enjoy it in their cars. 

After all three flavors — the classic Sloppy Joe Slider, Smoky Joe, and Spicy Joe Slider — hit the menu, superfan and White Castle collaborator Fat Joe declared the Smoky Joe was his favorite on Instagram. Even though he thought the spice of the Spicy Joe was pleasant, the smoky flavor and the crispy onion earned his highest praise. 

Over the past few years, the Sloppy Joes have returned alongside White Castle's Mac & Cheese Nibblers as part of its specials menu. Available in three sizes, this side dish is another take on a comfort food classic; the brand's Instagram account even used classic visuals to capture that cozy, comfortable vibe in its promotions. If comfort food is what you crave, these additions to White Castle's menu may be the answer.