What's The Deal With TikTok's Popular Cucumber Salad?

TikTok foodies love discovering new culinary delights on the popular social media platform, and a recent tweak of a popular salad preparation is currently captivating the hearts and bellies of followers. A video featuring a slightly tweaked version of the original viral cucumber and pepper salad is taking the platform by storm based on the number of likes, comments, and shares the clip has garnered since being uploaded. In the spinoff video by @misstaibaby, an assortment of fresh ingredients comes together to create a flavorful and wholesome salad that's great for either a meal or a snack. It's just one of many videos featuring the viral salad recipe, most of which include some fun variations and tweaks.

The viral salad and its impressive spin-offs are notable in part because of the way they differ from a traditional cucumber salad. The base of the salad consists of Persian cucumbers, which are smaller than the standard English version, as well as mini sweet peppers. The salad also includes chili onion crunch courtesy of Trader Joe's, as well as ginger dressing for a bit of heat and zing.

What makes TikTok's favorite salad so great?

When it comes to the tastiest salad recipes, selecting the right combination of ingredients ensures the dish is bursting with flavor. With this viral cucumber salad recipe, the subtle sweetness of Persian cucumbers and mini peppers work beautifully together and make for a nice riff on traditional cucumber salads (which typically feature onions).  Additionally, you can't beat the crunchy textures these fresh vegetables add to the preparation, which makes this salad as fun to eat as it is tasty. 


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The chili onion crunch also enhances the texture of the salad, but more importantly, it lends a bit of spice to the dish. This zesty condiment features crushed chili peppers for the perfect amount of heat, as well as ingredients like dried onions, garlic, and bell peppers. As for the ginger dressing, it's a tangy addition to an already delicious assortment of ingredients, and the ginger component imparts a bit of heat on its own thanks to its bright, peppery notes. You're also free to add other ingredients to the recipe to make it your own. While the original recipe doesn't call for it, the TikToker preparing the viral spinoff video also added vegan feta and chia seeds for a boost of protein.

Variations you can try at home

The addition of vegan cheese counters the original viral recipe, but it does add a bit of creaminess to the crunchy salad. However, you can also add conventional feta if that's more to your liking. As for the chia seeds, they're primarily incorporated to ensure the dish is nutritionally balanced. You can also experiment with other types of protein, such as tofu, or even chicken, steak, or salmon if you're okay with eating meat.

Commenters on the spinoff TikTok video also offered their own recommendations. One person was lacking chili onion crunch when making the salad at home, but they stated that a bit of olive oil and jalapeños was a worthy substitution. Keep in mind that using jalapeños will likely increase the heat quite a bit, so it's best to add them sparingly. Another suggested roasting chickpeas with salt, pepper, and garlic, which is another tasty way to boost the protein content of the salad. One of the best things about this salad is how versatile it is, as cucumbers and peppers pair beautifully with lots of ingredients. No matter which variation you choose, you're bound to enjoy the fresh flavors and pleasing textures this wholesome dish has to offer.