Evenly Thaw Ice Cream With An Obvious Yet Overlooked Hack

Is there any better dessert than a classic ice cream sundae? This childhood treat transitions well into any age, and if you top it with some sprinkles or chocolate sauce, you can't go wrong. But the first step to making that perfect ice cream sundae is scooping the ice cream, and if you've ever taken it from freezer to bowl, then you know that isn't always so easy. While it might seem obvious, there's an often-overlooked hack to getting perfectly thawed ice cream: transfer it from your freezer to your refrigerator 30 minutes before you're ready to dive in.

Although you can't always predict when you'll crave ice cream and might want it right that second, if you know you plan to treat yourself to a bowl after dinner, then pop it in the refrigerator right before you sit down to eat. It will be perfect for scooping by the time you're done putting those dinner dishes in the dishwasher.

Ice cream is easier to scoop when it's a little warm

Scooping this dessert from the freezer often leads to sending a perfect scoop of ice cream right onto your kitchen floor; we've all been there. The refrigerator method is a no-brainer to making sure you never have to sacrifice another scoop. The best part of this trick is that the ice cream thaws evenly. Keep in mind, as the ice cream softens, it could cause condensation, so put a paper towel underneath the carton to avoid getting your kitchen shelf wet. You can also place it on a dish.

Of course, if you need your ice cream right that minute, there are quick-thawing methods you can try. Popping the whole carton in the microwave for a few seconds certainly won't result in even defrosting, but it's likely the easiest way to thaw it if you're in a hurry. You can also try running the sides of the carton under warm water; this should loosen up the ice cream just enough to get a few good scoops.

Another surprise tip for thawing ice cream quickly

There is another overlooked way to make sure your ice cream doesn't take too long to thaw: buy smaller containers. When you walk down the grocery store aisles, you're met with choices upon choices of one-gallon buckets of ice cream, but if you search a little harder, you'll often find smaller containers ranging from a pint to a half-gallon.

If you purchase the smaller sizes, your ice cream will need less time to thaw, so you can get away with just 15 minutes in the refrigerator before it's perfectly scoopable. It might not always be the best bang for your buck, though, so if you're concerned about price, do a quick price comparison to see which option makes the most sense. This little-known method works especially well if you're only treating yourself; in this case, a pint of ice cream is probably your best bet to thaw quickly.