The Top 13 Pretzel Brands, Ranked

Remember that "Seinfeld" episode when Kramer gets his 15 minutes of fame as an extra in a Woody Allen movie? His only line: "These pretzels are making me thirsty." This is the energy we channeled in our quest to rank the top pretzel brands on the market. We wanted to get it right.

We dove into the delightful universe of pretzel flavors and textures, exploring the top 13 brands, each vying to be the "master of your snack domain." Our journey will take you through a diverse selection of pretzel offerings, providing a detailed look at what sets each brand apart. From classic to daringly different, we scoured the grocery store shelves to identify the cream of the pretzel crop. 

Will your favorite option make the list, or will you discover a new, thirst-inducing snack sensation? Let's find out together as we embark on this salty, crunchy journey that'll leave you saying, "These pretzels are making me thirsty –- for more!"

13. Signature Select

Signature Select's Pretzel Butter Twirls left us with an unfortunate taste experience, ranking at the very bottom of our list. We don't know what was going on with these pretzels, but the smell alone made us want to forgo the endeavor. Right off the bat, the scent wafting from the bag was peculiar, reminiscent of suntan lotion rather than a tantalizing snack. As we took our first bite, our disappointment only grew. 

The butter flavor was intense and decidedly artificial, lacking the enjoyable richness found in other snacks. We know artificial butter can be delicious, like movie theater popcorn, but these pretzels did not channel that flavoring.

Regrettably, Signature Select's Pretzel Butter Twirls failed to impress, leaving us with a unanimous verdict of "no." The taste was far from appetizing, and we aren't certain a dip could mask the embedded flavors. If you're looking for a delicious snack, opt for something else.

12. Great Value

Great Value's Mini Pretzel Twists, which ranked No. 12 out of 13 on our list, didn't quite meet our expectations. When it comes to a "regular" pretzel without flair and pomp, we expect a crunchy, salty standard. However, that's not exactly what we encountered.

These pretzels stood out for being noticeably harder than the majority of their counterparts, making for a less enjoyable snacking experience. What was even more disappointing than the mouthfeel was the almost complete absence of salt flavor, a key element in classic pretzel enjoyment. While the salt crystals were present, they were missing from the flavor profile.

The overall taste of Walmart's mini pretzel twists left much to be desired, as they came across as bland and unexciting. They lacked the savory punch that pretzels should deliver. Could a delicious dip change our opinion? Maybe, but we know there are better pretzels for the job. We'll be passing on this particular snack option in the future.

11. Quinn

Quinn Whole Grain Sea Salt Pretzel Twists secured the No. 11 spot on our list. While they certainly have their merits as a healthier snack option, they might not be everyone's first choice when it comes to taste. 

These pretzels are undeniably crunchy, with a noticeable departure from the typical pretzel texture. We assume this is due to their whole-grain nature. Unfortunately, their flavor profile left something to be desired. They carried an odd aftertaste that didn't quite align with the savory satisfaction one expects from pretzels. Were they bad? Absolutely not. Are they good? Sure.

It's worth noting that Quinn's pretzel twists are a wholesome choice, being gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly, which adds to their appeal. While not terrible by any means, these aren't the quintessential pretzel experience we were searching for, and we'd consider them more as a fallback option rather than a top choice for snacking. But hey, if you're looking for healthy, think Quinn!

10. 365 Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market's 365 Organic Salted Pretzel Sticks earned the No. 10 spot on our list. They're a straightforward snack that delivers exactly what they promise — a delicious salted pretzel with the right amount of crunch and good salt balance. In this case, that's not a bad thing at all. 

These pretzel sticks are precisely as advertised, offering a classic pretzel experience without any unexpected surprises. While they may not stand out as exceptionally remarkable, they also don't have any glaring flaws. They are just your typical pretzel sticks that serve their purpose as a satisfying and convenient treat. 

In the world of snacking, consistency can be a valuable trait, and 365's organic pretzel sticks fit the bill as a dependable option for those who crave a straightforward, no-frills pretzel experience. With a USDA-certified organic label and Kosher branding, 365 pretzels are a great choice for any pretzel occasion.

9. Bachman

Bachman's Bite Size Mini Baked Pretzels pleasantly surprised us with their exceptional flavor and salt balance. While we initially expected just another ordinary pretzel option, these turned out to be a real standout in the world of traditional pretzels. 

The taste was a true highlight, allowing us to savor the delightful essence of real baked dough, complemented by a well-calibrated saltiness. It's not often that pretzels of this kind manage to stand out, but Bachman's did just that. They felt homemade, if such a thing is possible in the pretzel world, earning our appreciation for their exceptional flavor and satisfying balance. These pretzels are a strong contender in the snack aisle. 

Don't sleep on Bachman's pretzels. They've been around since the 1900s and are the quintessential option for any party or snacktime treat. That baked flavor shines through each bite, and we promise you won't be disappointed. Grab your favorite dip or eat as-is!

8. One Mighty Mill

One Mighty Mill's Honey Mustard Flavored Pretzels introduced us to a lesser-known brand in the pretzel world. These pretzels, made with organic stone-ground 100% whole grain flour and all-natural ingredients, offer a commendable balance of sweetness and saltiness with a health-conscious label.

While they weren't an instant favorite, there was something intriguing about them. The honey mustard wasn't overpowering, offering a nice detour from the pretzel norm. However, it's worth noting that a somewhat charred flavor emerged on the back end of each bite, which didn't quite align with the initial honey mustard promise. 

In the grand scheme of pretzels, One Mighty Mill's offering falls into the category of "good, not great." We hadn't heard of this brand before, but we were pleasantly surprised by the unique twist on pretzel flavors. If presented with a bowl of these pretzels, we'd certainly indulge, especially with their healthy ingredient list. Although they may not become a staple in our snacking routine, they are worth a try.

7. Clancy's

Clancy's Bold and Zesty Pub Style Pretzels Seasoned with Garlic and Onion are a delightful twist — pun intended — on the classic pretzel. These little bites burst with a flavor that is undeniably enticing. The initial bite hits you with a generous dose of spices, providing an exciting start to your snacking adventure. 

However, as enjoyable as the front-end flavor may be, filled with garlic, onion, and salt, the back end leaves a slightly dry sensation in your mouth. These pretzels are good, but be sure to have a refreshing beverage on standby to complement the bold seasoning. Out of all the options on this list, Clancy's definitely embodied the "Seinfeld" vibes.

We found that while they may not be the ultimate pretzel experience, this Aldi brand offers a unique and flavorful alternative to traditional snacks, making them a tasty option to keep in the pantry. Just make sure you have your favorite drink ready to go!

6. Snack Factory

Snack Factory's Everything Pretzel Crisps offered a snack experience with both notable strengths and minor shortcomings. While the flavor was not perfectly balanced, with the poppy and onion elements tending to dominate the overall "everything" profile, it's worth noting that these crisps weren't bad by any means. 

What stood out was the delightful texture and unique shape of the pretzels, making them an ideal choice for pairing with various dips and spreads. Pair with a veggie cream cheese or an onion dip, and you'll have a match made in heaven. Additionally, the inclusion of a reusable bag was a thoughtful touch, adding to the appeal of the snack. 

Overall, these pretzel crisps may not hit the mark for those seeking a more harmonious flavor profile, but they certainly have their merits, making them a convenient and versatile option for snacking occasions. Grab your favorite dip and have at it!

5. Rold Gold

Rold Gold's Cheddar-Flavored Tiny Twists secured the No. 5 spot on our list, and they certainly left a favorable impression. What sets these pretzels apart is their well-rounded flavor profile. They also offer a satisfying crunch and a commendable balance of salt, creating an enjoyable snacking experience. 

These pretzels had a nice salt balance and subtle cheese flavor on the back end. The cheese, while not overpowering, adds a mild but pleasant dimension that emerges late, leaving a savory note. The pretzels also don't overwhelm your taste buds, allowing you to indulge in these delicious twists without any flavor fatigue. 

Rold Gold's Cheddar-Flavored Tiny Twists prove that you can have a snack that's both flavorful and munchable in large quantities, making them an excellent choice for those who appreciate a snack that strikes a harmonious balance of crunch, salt, and flavor. For a party snack or a lunchtime addition, these pretzels are a win in our book.

4. Utz

Utz Honey Wheat Braided Twists offer a sweet option compared to the classic pretzel flavor. While they may come across as somewhat bland initially, these twists present a subtle sweet note towards the end of each bite, which pleasantly surprised us. They may not have clinched one of the top three spots, but there's something undeniably good about them; we literally couldn't stop eating them.

For us, these braided twists have an ideal size, shape, and flavor, making them a perfect match for dips, especially those with a sweeter profile. These pretzels excel in versatility, and whether you're enjoying them on their own or as a flavorful companion to your favorite spreads, they have an appealing quality that'll keep you reaching for more. 

While they didn't take the top spot, Utz's Honey Wheat Braided Twists make for a delightful and intriguing snacking experience that's hard to resist. Grab a bag, and see what this OG pretzel brand is all about.

3. Dot's

Dot's Homestyle Pretzels, Honey Mustard Seasoned, secured the bronze medal in our ranking by delivering a unique twist on flavor. The standout feature was the fact that they tasted like real mustard. There was an unmistakable tang that you often don't find in mustard-flavored snacks. However, these pretzels didn't carry much sweetness, leaning more towards the realm of regular yellow mustard, with a hint of spice at the end. While we enjoyed this delightful kick, there was no honey to be found.

Despite the absence of sweetness, the authentic mustard flavor makes them a stellar option. Additionally, the resealable bag and twisted stick shape added to the overall appeal, making Dot's Honey Mustard Pretzels a great choice for those who appreciate bold, savory, and mustard-inspired snacks. These pretzels are a testament to how sometimes a unique twist on a classic flavor can result in a delightful snacking experience.

2. Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Pretzel Sticks, delicately flavored with baked-in honey, effortlessly earned second place on our list, and it's clear why. These pretzel sticks delivered a satisfying crunch, providing just the right amount of resistance without being overly hard. However, the real prize is the impeccable balance they strike between salty and sweet. The mellowness of honey that fades by the end of the bite really made us stop and appreciate these pretzels. 

There's no need for notes here; these pretzel sticks are simply fantastic. They are the perfect accompaniment for sweet dips and savory options alike, making them versatile and ideal for all sorts of snacking occasions. 

Trader Joe's continues to prove its knack for delivering high-quality, delicious snacks that are hard to resist, and these honey-infused pretzel sticks are no exception. They managed to create another snacking gem, where every element complements the other seamlessly.

1. Snyder's of Hanover

Snyder's of Hanover Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Pieces have captured the top spot on our list, by far. There's something truly captivating about these bite-sized pieces that we just adore. They offer the classic crunch you'd expect from regular pretzels, but the various sizes, shapes, and flavor coating make these pretzels a fun treat.

What makes them stand out is the well-balanced flavor profile. The sweetness on the front end from the honey seamlessly transitions to a mustard tang on the back, creating a taste experience that keeps you reaching for more without the need to quench your thirst.

Snyder's of Hanover has managed to achieve pretzel perfection with these bite-size pieces, creating a snack that embodies the essence of indulgence and satisfaction. Whether you're enjoying them on your own or sharing them with friends, these pretzel pieces provide an exciting and delicious twist on the classic pretzel. And thankfully, they aren't making us thirsty.