The Savory Aldi Snack Duo You Need To Try As Soon As Possible

Aldi is best known for carrying a variety of high-quality private-label goods at prices most people can afford. Along with groceries and household staples, the chain also carries a ton of savory treats that can quell your hunger pangs until dinner rolls around. While these items are pretty satisfying on their own, Aldi fans have also discovered that combining certain items offers an even bigger boost of flavor. This is certainly the case with the chain's Park Street Deli Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad and Clancy's Pretzel Slims. Along with a plain version, the pretzel slims are also available in an everything variety in case you crave bolder flavor.

Overall, the proposed combo was a resounding success among Reddit commenters with a penchant for Aldi. The post has received over 225 upvotes, and most of the comments are overwhelmingly positive. As stated by one person, "That's pretty much what I ate for lunch last month!" which shows that this combination was more than a snack; it's a full-fledged meal. Other people praised both the chicken salad and pretzel slims separately, while some recommended alternate pairings to go with Aldi's fan-favorite chicken salad.

Other tasty ways to enjoy Aldi's chicken salad

When it comes to wholesome snacks, the Park Street Deli chicken salad is hard to beat. A combination of quality white meat chicken, almonds, and cranberries, the Aldi website offers a few pairing recommendations for this popular product. It makes a tasty sandwich when paired with two pieces of fresh bread, but the chicken salad can also be enjoyed with vegetables, potato chips, or cheese. Redditors also have their own suggestions, in addition to the tasty Clancy's brand pretzels.

For example, the Specially Selected Pita Chips in sea salt are an excellent choice if you want to let the chicken salad flavors take center stage. However, the brand also offers parmesan garlic and herb varieties for a more complex combination. Aldi also carries a version of Ritz crackers called Savoritz Entertainment Crackers in vegetable and Woven Whole Wheat Crackers from the same brand. It's clear these combos are winners in the hearts and minds of Aldi shoppers, which stands to reason when you consider how meticulous the chain is about selecting its private-label items.

Only the best for Aldi shoppers

When shopping at Aldi, customers will find that over 90% of the products lining store shelves come from private brands. While private brands save shoppers tons of money, as national brands typically entail additional expenses, Aldi also goes to great lengths to ensure their brands offer customers the highest quality possible. The store even conducts a yearly survey to see which of its items are tops according to shoppers, which is how Aldi develops its fan favorites list.

The chain also exhibits a lot of confidence in its products, which is why it offers a Twice as Nice Guarantee. In this case, you can return an item that you're not totally in love with and receive another item in its place. Additionally, Aldi will offer a refund for the original product. If you don't have the receipt, no worries, as Aldi will provide a gift card instead. The store also encourages customers to submit a complaint to its contact page, which illustrates that they take customer satisfaction seriously, whether you're looking for filling snack combos or essential groceries.