Tofu Is The Star Ingredient For A Fluffy Vegan Pumpkin Pie

You may love or hate the taste, but there's no denying that pumpkin is an iconic fall flavor. Whether you're ordering a pumpkin spice latte from your favorite coffee shop or roasting and seasoning some seeds for easy snacking, the gourd can be the source for plenty of delicious foods and beverages. One dessert often enjoyed as the fall weather settles in is the classic pumpkin pie.

If you're baking for a plant-based crowd, some silken tofu might be exactly what you need to get the creamiest vegan pumpkin pie filling possible. While some pumpkin pie recipes call for a dairy product like evaporated milk or heavy whipping cream in the filling to add some creaminess to the dessert, swapping in some tofu can make the pie safe for anyone trying to avoid dairy products. Plus, the swap is pretty easy: Just add in the same amount of tofu as you normally would for heavy cream.

How to swap tofu into pumpkin pie

For every cup of dairy called for in your pumpkin pie recipe, swap in eight ounces of silken tofu — an even ratio. Silken tofu has the highest moisture content out of all the types of tofu, and its creamy texture makes it a great ingredient for use in vegan bakes. While tofu should often be pressed to remove moisture before cooking with it, silken tofu is an exception. Its smooth consistency makes it the best tofu option for use in desserts.

If you do plan on using tofu as a substitute for heavy cream, you'll want to blend it down to achieve the right consistency. You can add the silken tofu into the blender or food processor to puree it. If you find that it's a little too thick, try adding in your choice of non-dairy milk to smooth it out just a little. Then, the tofu can be added into your pumpkin pie batter. Once your tofu-pumpkin pie is ready to eat, you can serve the vegan pumpkin pie with some vegan whipped topping or a little bit of cranberry sauce.

Tofu is a nutritious dessert addition

As an added bonus to your recipes, tofu has a few different health benefits. According to the American Heart Association, tofu is high in protein and contains calcium, vitamin A, manganese, and iron. By mixing some tofu into your pumpkin pie recipe, you can create a delicious dessert that could add some extra vitamins and minerals to your diet.

So, the next time you're baking up a pumpkin pie to bring to the Thanksgiving table, try grabbing a block of silken tofu. The vegan protein could make your dessert a little extra creamy and sneak in some added health benefits, too. While tofu does work great to keep your pumpkin pies smooth and creamy, it can also be used to create a few other desserts. Silken tofu can work as a substitution for cream cheese in dairy-free cheesecakes. Or, if you want to avoid turning on your oven, it can be blended down to use in puddings or dessert dips.