The Costco Food Court Tip To Help Carry Those Big Orders

With so many tasty items available at Costco's famous food court, it's tempting to order a little bit of everything while on a shopping trip. However, shoppers often find it hard to carry their many delicious eats, especially with a combination of pizza, hot dogs, and chicken bakes, with a cup of vanilla ice cream on the side. In this case, a clever Redditor has come to the rescue with an insightful food court tip. According to a commenter, a "shallow box" can act as a tray that helps you conveniently carry all your goodies to a nearby table, or even to your car if you plan on enjoying your Costco treats at home. They also recommended retaining the cupholder trays you receive at fast-food restaurants for use at Costco.

One commenter even had a suggestion on which type of box is best for the food court. According to the Costco member: "We always get a box that holds the Kirkland nuts 'cause it's so sturdy to carry out our food!" Sturdiness is key, because the last thing you want is for your tasty treats to tumble to the floor while you're carrying them. Another person suggested asking staff for a tray, but keep in mind that not all locations have trays for customers to use.

Why don't all Costco locations offer trays?

The Costco food court menu varies quite a bit from country to country, as does the policy for providing trays to customers. Per a recent Reddit thread, a customer lamented that they were no longer able to procure a tray in the food court and were instead instructed to use a nearby box. This came as a surprise to U.S.-based Redditors, many of whom claimed that their Costco locations never offered trays (the original poster was located in Canada).

Many commenters believe that the reason for the lack of trays has something to do with costs. One person claimed the tray policy was implemented "To keep it simple and keep prices down," while another pointed out the aftereffect of Covid and the need for "sanitizing thousands of trays," which could get quite labor intensive. It seems that boxes will have to suffice for most customers when it comes to crowded food courts. In the same respect, there's a hack you can use to avoid long food lines and get your food quickly.

How to skip the line at the Costco food court

Due to the popularity of pizza and other items, Costco food courts often feature long lines and equally long wait times. If you want to pick up a quick snack after your shopping excursion, these long lines can act as a deterrent. Fortunately, there's a way to skip the Costco food court line without incurring the wrath of other shoppers. While you're at the checkout, tell the cashier that you'd like to place an order at the food court. They'll key in your order and provide you with a receipt, which you can take to the food court.

Once at the food court, present your receipt so the staff member can gather your items. Since you've already paid, you can simply pick up your food and be on your way. When it comes to pizza, call ahead to place your order, then pick up the pizza while you're at the store. While the warehouse retail chain sadly does not offer Costco pizza delivery, these effective tips can make your next food court experience a breeze.