Cottage Cheese Adds The Fluff And Flavor Your Scrambled Eggs Need

Although known for their simplicity, techniques are still required to achieve the best scrambled eggs. Some folks know how to scramble — they oil their pan thoroughly, add some extra creaminess, and cook the eggs just enough to slippery, golden perfection. There are also those who long to master the art form but aren't sure how to do so. Some people swear by cheddar, some people swear by milk or heavy whipping cream, but the secret ingredient that will transform your scrambled eggs is simpler than you think: cottage cheese. It's maybe the best way to add a cloud-like texture and cheesy flavor to eggs, which will take your breakfast to the next level.

Adding cottage cheese to scrambled eggs works wonders. The cottage cheese melts into the eggs, and the curds blend in to create a creamy, comforting consistency. The eggs take on a cheesy, tangy flavor without it overpowering the dish.

Tips for the perfect scrambled eggs

These gorgeous, high-protein eggs have been all over TikTok, with numerous videos demonstrating the trendy hack. In one, a content creator encourages those watching to try the recipe. In addition to adding ¼ cup cottage cheese per two scrambled eggs, the user says, "The key is to never stop stirring." By working in a continuous motion, the eggs reach a desirably soft consistency.


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There are a few more tricks that will help you master scrambled eggs. For example, cracking eggs over a sieve will remove excess wateriness. Although this tip is often associated with poached eggs, it'll elevate the scrambled eggs and imbue them with a savory, hearty consistency.

For the best scrambled eggs, it's also important to whisk them thoroughly before cooking. Even if it seems quicker and easier to combine the whites with the yolks mid-scramble, the final result will suffer. Whisk eggs vigorously for a fluffy end result.

Keep a nonstick pan on medium-low heat, as excess heat will cause the eggs to burn and dry out. Also, keep a rubber spatula handy when scrambling. Think in terms of folding and pushing to achieve a smooth and buttery finish.

The benefits of cottage cheese

Not only is cottage cheese a rich, flavorful addition to a cozy breakfast of scrambled eggs, but it enhances the nutrients of the meal. Cottage cheese boosts the protein content and stretches the number of servings without requiring that more eggs be used.

One TikTok user and practical nutritionist describes how this high-protein breakfast makes your eggs even more delicious. The recipe has 20 to 28 grams of protein and will likely leave you feeling full and empowered for the day. Cottage cheese is known not only for its low-calorie benefits but is also high in potassium and vitamin A.

Cottage cheese is an excellent cheese for those with Type 2 Diabetes as its impact on glucose is minimal compared to other kinds of dairy. Plus, it aids in muscular recovery and a balanced metabolism due to its high casein content. Cottage cheese is a nutritious add-in that also improves the flavor and texture of the dish.