Where Is The Scrubbie From Shark Tank Today?

When it comes to cleaning dishes, most of us are more than willing to take any advice or use any product that makes the task at hand more manageable. Sure, you might be able to clean your dishwasher with lemon juice, but finding a trustworthy sponge or scrub brush to help you control that daily sink full of dishes is a must. That's why three friends from Witchita, Kansas, banded together to create an all-in-one solution with The Scrubbie, which is still available for purchase today.

According to The Witchita Eagle (via Meaww), Jeff Dakin's creativity was ignited one night while doing dishes and struggling to use his sink's sprayer to remove food residue. He joined his friends Matt Hosey and Tyler Kessler to develop The Scrubbie, an all-purpose circular sponge attachment that can be fixed onto any kitchen faucet or spray gun. Even though Dakin, Hosey, and Kessler invented this creative solution in 2012, they spent five years developing their product. They debuted the final prototype at the Witchita Kansas Women's Fair in 2019 and received support and encouragement from fans to try and score a deal on "Shark Tank." 

While initially, the Sharks seemed excited and eager to hear more about The Scrubbie, fans may remember the company founders' on-screen debut from the ABC investors' heated reactions over the company's year-to-date sales. 

What happened to The Scrubbie on Shark Tank?

Wouldn't it be nice to use a sponge without having to actually hold it in your hand? The Scrubbie not only helps remove stuck-on food but is also more water-efficient, as the sponge is attached directly to your sink's faucet or sprayer. And the investors seemed interested to hear more after witnessing Jeff Dakin, Matt Hosey, and Tyler Kessler's theatrical on-stage pitch for The Scrubbie on Season 12, Episode 22 of "Shark Tank" in 2021.

The friends came to "Shark Tank" in hopes of securing $100,000 for 10% of their company. However, there were a few glaring issues with their shot at obtaining the deal. For one thing, when Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjavec questioned the company owners about the product's total sales, there were a lot of indirect answers. Eventually, Kessler revealed that they had sold nearly 860 Scrubbies and made only $13,000 since the start of their business. 

If that weren't enough of a deterrent, Lori Greiner pointed out that The Scrubbie packaging looked very similar to the Scrub Daddy's, which is a product she invested in from "Shark Tank" a few years prior. Dakin, Hosey, and Kessler left the "Shark Tank" stage with no deal.

What happened to The Scrubbie after Shark Tank?

If you're worried the standard sponge you use to clean your dishes is the dirtiest thing in your kitchen, you can gift yourself the convenience of The Scrubbie, thanks to the exposure the company gained on "Shark Tank" in 2021. While the three "side hustle homies" (as Matt Hosey, Tyler Kessler, and Jeff Dakin like to call themselves) didn't strike a deal with the famous investors on the popular ABC show, the company owners' on-screen appearance only helped sales. 

Right after the show aired on ABC in 2021, the three company owners posted a photo of themselves on Instagram thanking their followers for their continued support. The founders also reposted a link through their Facebook page a few days later that featured an interview with a local radio station in Kansas, where they discussed their experience on the show. Many social media users admitted to purchasing the product and believed it was worth an investment from the "Shark Tank" investors. 

While "Shark Tank" inevitably propelled The Scrubbie business forward, fans may wonder if the company is still up and running.

Is The Scrubbie still in business?

Whether you choose to use vinegar, baking soda, or a special scrub brush to clean your ice maker, you have more than a few options, as The Scrubbie is still a viable product available for purchase. The Scrubbie website remains up and running. And while the layout might be relatively simple, you still have the option of purchasing The Scrubbie on the company website for $19.99, which includes the attachment hose and two circular sponges.

The company owners have made an effort to showcase The Scrubbie through various social media platforms over the years. However, the last time the business owners posted on Instagram was in December 2022. And a few users commented on the post negatively referring to the brand's unsuccessful "Shark Tank" appearance. 

Apart from their lack of presence through Facebook and Instagram, Jeff Dakin, Matt Hosey, and Tyler Kessler joined TikTok at the end of 2022 and have been posting about various ways to use the original Scrubbie. While you can no longer purchase their product on Amazon, the company owners have been forthcoming about attempting to upgrade the original Scrubbie to accommodate more colorways, as well as altering The Scrubbie's size to fit more water attachments in the average American home.

What's next for The Scrubbie?

From the outside, it may seem like the founders of The Scrubbie are content with selling their one and only product. However, "The Scrubbie 2.0" is listed for sale on the company website with "coming soon" in the title when you make a purchase. What does this new upgrade entail, exactly? The founders haven't released any specific details on their website as to what makes the new and improved Scrubbie a better product. Yet, the owners posted a TikTok video in July that featured a new colorway attachment.

Full details on The Scrubbie update and details regarding its release date have yet to be seen. However, founder Jeff Dakin did repost a link to a video podcast he did with the United Inventors Association on his LinkedIn page outlining some of the specifics regarding the new and improved Scrubbie 2.0. 

It's clear that even though the three Kansas founders didn't strike a deal on "Shark Tank," they continue to reap the benefits of the exposure of their product through the company's small yet continued success.