Jet-Puffed's New S'mores Shoe Collab Will Set You Back $119

If you want to show off your love of s'mores with the world, Jet-Puffed has just the shoes for you. The marshmallow brand is collaborating with hands-free footwear brand Kizik to release the S'mores Shoe. The shoes' August 8 release is timed to coincide with National S'mores Day on August 10.

The shoe's exterior color is a medium golden-brown that fades to a lighter white near the soles, mimicking the look of a marshmallow toasted over a campfire. The shoe itself features a quilted design filled with foam padding, meant to both appear and feel puffy, like marshmallows.

Even the insoles of the shoes are meant to mimic marshmallows, in a way. The Super Squish insole helps wearers feel like they're "walking on marshmallows," according to the Kizik website. The insoles are designed to conform to the wearer's foot shape while providing support with extra padding in the heel area.

The shoes are meant to slip on easily

The shoes are a variation of Kizik's Roamer style shoe, which were awarded an Honoree in the Wearable Technologies category of the 2023 CES Innovation Awards. Though some of the Roamer styles feature laces as decoration in addition to the slip-on option, the S'mores Shoe is a slip-on only design.

The heel itself features a slip-on Flex Foam backing that bends down, then snaps back into place to keep the shoes secure once they're on. Which, Kizik says, is perfect for easily slipping on when your hands are busied with making some s'mores. (If you want to amplify your s'mores eating experience, try adding extra ingredients, such as caramel or candy bars.)

The shoes will be available for $119 on the Kizik website starting August 8. Sizes range from women's 6 to 14.5 and men's 4.5 to 13. The release is limited, and sold-out sizes will not be restocked.