14 Easy Additions To Amp Up Your S'mores

It is hard to eat just one. After all, their name isn't a fusion of the words "some more" for no reason. With crunchy graham crackers, smooth chocolate, and slightly charred marshmallows, s'mores offer much to indulge in. And if they are that delectable with just a few components, can you imagine how much they can be improved with accompaniments? Traditionally, people make these sweet treats over a campfire, preferably when the weather is tolerable outside. However, that's not the only way to make them; you can have oven-baked s'mores or even makeshift microwave s'mores if you're desperate.

No matter how you prepare them, it doesn't hurt to include an extra ingredient or two in the process. Marshmallows have a distinct texture, but their sugary taste complements contrasting ingredients, so you're not limited from adding unique elements. Not to mention, chocolate pairs with a surprising number of foods, many of which have spicy, salty, or tart notes. This means the sky is the limit when you craft your dessert. Here are the ultimate s'mores additions you need to have a go at.

Cream cheese

Use cream cheese to give your s'mores some pleasant hints of tanginess. For optimal results, soften or whip the cream cheese before you use it in the dessert. If you try to spread stiff cream cheese onto a graham cracker, the cracker breaks, and the cream cheese doesn't evenly cover it. Instead, allow cream cheese to sit at room temperature first to soften it, or take advantage of your microwave. Plain cream cheese tastes heavenly with the chocolate and marshmallows, but flavored ones also work — like pumpkin, strawberry, and blueberry.

Whipped cream cheese is incredibly delicious on a s'more because it provides a fluffy texture that coordinates with the marshmallow. Use a handheld or stand mixer to incorporate air into the cheese; add a dash of sugar to sweeten it if you wish. Mix it until there are no lumps and the cheese is light in consistency. This ingredient might be your new favorite s'mores add-on because it is so creamy and rich.

Nut butter

There is no doubt that peanut butter and chocolate are well suited for each other, especially when you add a spongy marshmallow into the mix. To incorporate it, smother peanut butter on the graham cracker before you apply the other ingredients. You can also make peanut butter and jelly-themed s'mores if you add some type of jam on the second cookie. As an alternative, briefly melt the peanut butter in the microwave to turn it into a liquid and use it as a dipping sauce for the dessert.

If you make oven-baked s'mores, plate them with softened peanut butter to upgrade their presentation. It's incredibly effortless to drizzle the warm nut butter onto the plate and over the dessert. Finally, let's not forget other tasty nut butters; use almond, cashew, or hazelnut butter in your s'mores too. The hazelnut butter is especially divine because its taste resembles Nutella spread when you couple it with the chocolate.


There are several ways to incorporate coffee flavor into dessert. First, you can sprinkle espresso powder onto the chocolate portion of the dessert. This delivers a mocha-like flavor because the espresso is bold even if you use it in small amounts. The great thing is that baking espresso is finely ground, so you don't need to worry about it giving your food a grainy texture. Another technique is to create a triple-layer s'more with coffee-soaked graham crackers or ladyfingers as the middle part. For those who love tiramisu, this concept isn't new. The next time you find yourself with an extra cup of coffee from earlier in the day, don't dump it. Make use of it instead.

Of course, you can only soak the cookie that you'll use in the middle layer because the outer cookies need to hold their shape. Lastly, use coffee-flavored frosting as a filling. You're welcome to make homemade coffee buttercream, but you can also add dissolved instant coffee to pre-made frosting to flavor it. Slather the icing onto the s'more; just be careful because the warm marshmallow melts the frosting if you're not quick.

Peppermint candy

Incorporate peppermint-flavored elements into your s'mores to immediately take them to the next level. For instance, try peppermint bark with a chocolate base and minty candy pieces. Use the bark in addition to the classic Hershey's bar to make the s'mores extra chocolatey, or replace the chocolate bar entirely with the peppermint bark. The refreshing candy pairs wonderfully with the graham crackers and toasty marshmallows, bringing a sense of comfort to you.

If you don't have bark, use candy canes or other hard peppermint-flavored candies. To crush the candies into small pieces, place them in a Ziploc bag and smash them with a meat mallet or other kitchen tool. Then, scatter the crumbs on the chocolate portion of the dessert before you assemble the rest. When you bite into the s'mores, the candy cane chunks provide a nice crunchy texture that offsets the gooey marshmallows and melty chocolate. You can also build open-faced candy cane s'mores, which look charming because of the red and white colored pieces. Sprinkle the candy bits on last as a garnish.


Chocolate and caramel are perfect companions for each other, which is why you find them mingling in all sorts of dessert recipes. So, naturally, caramel is a dream come true in a thick s'more. If you want to see for yourself, use either caramel sauce or chewy caramel candies. These options are both effortless because you can buy them pre-made from the grocery store if you don't wish to make them. Caramel sauce often comes in squeeze bottles for easy application. Serve it at room temperature or heated; either way works. Its warm and comforting essence heightens the flavor of the slightly charred marshmallows.

On the other hand, caramel squares are destined to be for s'mores because of their chewy texture, which you won't find in the soft marshmallow and snappy crackers. Cut them in half beforehand if they are too dense to stack on the s'more. You might need a few pieces to thoroughly cover the cookie to ensure there is caramel in every bite. To make it even more delightful, sprinkle a pinch of sea salt onto the caramel to create salted caramel s'mores.

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are what your s'mores are missing, whether you use store-bought or homemade ones. These notable cookies are the definition of comfort food. They're full of butter and sugar and often remind you of simpler times. With crispy edges and chocolate pieces in every mouthful, they reign supreme in flavor and texture. Pre-made cookies are undoubtedly the most convenient since you just need to take them out of the packaging and add them to your sweet treat.

Make traditional s'mores with graham squares as the outer pieces and place a crunchy cookie (for example, Chips Ahoy!) in with the chocolate and marshmallow. As an alternative, you can replace the sweet crackers entirely with the chocolate chip cookies for an enjoyable experience. The same goes for homemade chocolate chip cookies. Of course, cookies from scratch are fresher and taste better. Use warm and chewy cookies in the s'mores, which pair perfectly with every element in the dessert.


Many of the options on this list give your s'more a sophisticated touch, but this is the option if you desire something more on the whimsical side. Sprinkles come in many sizes and shapes, so they leave plenty of room for your artistic side to take over. Often, they are bursting with bright colors, which s'mores typically lack. Additionally, you can buy holiday-themed sprinkles if you plan to make the sweet treat for different occasions. 

You might think sprinkles aren't a good candidate for s'mores since they're tiny and might fall off with any movement. Don't fret; there are ways to get around that issue. First, dip the graham squares in melted chocolate and then apply the sprinkles to the top part of the cracker. When the chocolate sets, it locks in the sprinkles, so you won't lose any when you bite into the s'more. However, there is a more straightforward way to use sprinkles in your s'mores. First, soften your chocolate bar in the microwave. Or, if you use a campfire to make the treat, keep the chocolate somewhat near the heat, so it starts to melt; have the chocolate ready on your cracker, and when it is no longer hard, scatter the sprinkles atop it. Next, lightly press the sprinkles so they cling to the chocolate, then load on the marshmallows and finish off your s'more with the top cracker.

Dulce de leche

Don't miss the opportunity to use dulce de leche in your s'mores. The velvety caramel-like confection enriches the sweet treat because of its consistency and quality. You're not alone if you get confused about how dulce de leche and caramel differ. Although they are similar, dulce de leche is certainly creamier, thanks to the milk in it. You can buy canned dulce de leche or make your own at home. Slow-cook milk, sugar, and vanilla until it reduces and has a deep brown color. In contrast, you can create a similar result if you heat sweetened condensed milk and allow it to caramelize.

One way to use dulce de leche is to heat it (which thins it) and dip the s'mores directly into it with each new bite. Also, spread it onto the graham squares before you add the other ingredients, so it acts as adhesive for the chocolate. When it is cold or at room temperature, it is perfectly thick and gooey. As a fair warning, it rightfully translates to "sweet milk." This sugar mixture isn't for the faint of heart but for those who want to satisfy a sweet tooth.


Using Peeps marshmallow confections is one of the best ways to serve s'mores. This ingredient is quirky and exceptionally fun for kiddos because of its vivid colors and sugar coating. If you've never tried Peeps, they are marshmallows that come in different animal shapes, such as bunnies or chicks. You can find them in stores year-round, but especially around holidays like Easter and Halloween. Use Peeps in your s'mores as a substitute for plain marshmallows, or include them as an extra component.

First, soften the Peeps in the microwave until they puff up. Next, instantly relocate them to a prepared graham cracker with chocolate and gently press another cracker on top. Amazingly, you can cook Peeps over the campfire like any other marshmallow. They caramelize rather nicely because of their sugary exterior. Instead of using one Peep, cook a few smaller ones and layer them to create a multi-colored s'more.

Fresh fruit

Numerous fruity options make this typically decadent dessert lighter and more refreshing. Some popular picks, for example, are bananas, strawberries, berries, and even pineapple. To use bananas in the sweet treat, thinly slice them lengthwise and use them in the filling. Similarly, with strawberries, cut them into slices, so they're not super chunky. If you want to use halves or quarters, create open-face s'mores to allow the fruit's intense color to steal the show. With smaller berries, like raspberries or blueberries, you don't need to cut them beforehand. Instead, position them onto the dessert after you make the marshmallow sticky; the berries will attach to it.

Make a mixed berry s'more to enjoy the twists and turns of sugary and tart fruity flavors. If you specifically want sweet and sour combinations, pineapple is your selection. Create pineapple rings or buy them pre-sliced and layer them on the sweet treat. The pleasant yet acidic taste dances on your tongue and balances the overall sweetness of the food. Also, if you enjoy cooked pineapple, sprinkle the slices with brown sugar and bake them in the oven prior to adding to your s'mores. Another option is to use toasted coconut and baked pineapple on the s'mores to give them a tropical essence.

Store-bought candy bars

Naturally, Hershey's is the primary store-bought candy people use in s'mores since the chocolate is creamy and melts beautifully. However, for people who just can't get enough chocolate, there are many other candies to throw alongside it in your s'mores. We've already touched on just how phenomenal peanut butter is in a s'more, which is why Reese's is a top contender. Use the large peanut butter cups rather than the mini cups because they're flatter and easier to bite into when you enjoy a s'more. The outer chocolate layer has no trouble melting, and the peanut butter filling is unmatched when you couple it with a grilled marshmallow.

Milky Way and Snickers are other outstanding options because they contain caramel and filling ingredients with a chocolate coating. These bars are taller than Reese's but soften if you warm them over the fire. Press the warm candies between the crackers, and the result is much better than if you use them straight out of the wrapper. Lastly, Kit Kat bars transform your dessert because their wafer center has a nice bite to it. Kit Kats are also thinner, so they are easy to include in the s'mores without making them overly dense and impossible to eat.

Spicy chocolate

If you enjoy the earthy, robust taste of Mexican hot chocolate, then there's no doubt that you should try spicy chocolate the next time you make s'mores. Of course, not every spicy chocolate bar on the market gives off a taste similar to the famous drink. However, look at the chocolate's ingredients before you purchase it to have a better idea of how its bitter and fiery qualities come through. 

As an example, Chuao Chocolatier sells a bar that contains cinnamon, cayenne, dark chocolate, and pasilla chile. The product reviews state that it has the ideal amount of spice to give the chocolate a kick, and the cinnamon adds a nice touch. Meanwhile, Lake Champlain Chocolates offers a dark chocolate bar with hints of cayenne, pumpkin seeds, and cinnamon. It has equally impressive reviews; the buyers rave about the product's unique flavor profile. 

Those aren't the only options, though. Shop around online or in specialty chocolate stores to find the candy that has the spice level you are looking for. Ultimately, s'mores with heat come out on top. Sweet chocolate with a slow burn, airy marshmallows, and crisp cookies? Count us in.


Bacon is a daring yet delectable add-on for s'mores if you give it a chance. The savory meat and sugary chocolate combine to make the ultimate sweet and salty pairing. With both crispy and fatty textures, this combination has a distinct mouthfeel. Not to mention, the smokiness of the marshmallows and meat go hand in hand. So, next time you have bacon on hand, use it in your campfire treat. Cut warm bacon slices to fit the size of the cookie you plan to use. Pile it with the other filling ingredients; it's as easy as pie.

Another option, if you want to go the extra mile, is to dip the bacon in chocolate before you use it. Heat chocolate chips or melting wafers in the microwave until they are free of lumps. Next, dip the bacon to cover it partially or fully. Then, transfer it directly to the cookie base while the chocolate is still loose, or wait for it to set, depending on your preferred consistency.

White chocolate

People often overlook white chocolate when they make their favorite campfire treat. However, it adds instant creaminess to the dessert and pairs wonderfully with the toasted marshmallow. Some folks might find it too sweet, but you can counteract that if you include other suggestions on this list that are tangy or savory. For instance, a white chocolate pineapple s'more is a marvelous combination. Nevertheless, countless ingredients pair well with white chocolate. Some ideas include lemon curd, fresh blackberries, dried cranberries, and macadamia nuts.

You don't have to get super fancy, though; you can add white chocolate and have the remaining elements be traditional. The most important thing: Buy good-quality white chocolate. Sometimes, candy bars appear to be white chocolate because of their color, but they don't contain enough cocoa butter to be considered real white chocolate. In turn, the confection lacks the authentic silky texture and milky taste that it should have. When you use genuine white chocolate, your s'mores benefit greatly.