11 Marshmallow Brands, Ranked Worst To First

Who you gonna call when you need to settle the sweetest debate in town? Cue the iconic "Ghostbusters" theme music because we're about to witness a marshmallow showdown of epic proportions. In this sweet and gooey article, we take inspiration from a memorable scene in the "Ghostbusters" movie and embark on a paranormal pursuit to rank the top 11 marshmallow brands from worst to first.

Picture this: a colossal Stay Puft Marshmallow Man towering over the city, ready to wreak havoc on our taste buds. But fear not, for we have assembled a team of confectionery connoisseurs to face this sugary behemoth head-on. Armed with toasting sticks and a discerning palate, we'll wade through marshmallow fluff and gooey clouds to determine which brand will rise victorious.

So, strap on your proton packs and prepare for an ectoplasmic adventure that will have your taste buds screaming, "I ain't afraid of no marshmallow!" Get ready to experience a ranking so epic, even Slimer would be green with envy. Let's bust open those bags and let the marshmallow showdown begin.

11. Dandies

With their vegan and plant-based credentials proudly displayed, Dandies marshmallows seemed like they could be the saviors of healthy indulgence. However, as we opened the bag, a not-so-sweet and unappealing aroma hit us like a marshmallow-sized curveball. Undeterred by the less-than-enticing scent, we soldiered on and took a brave bite. Alas, the texture left much to be desired. These marshmallows were a bit coarse, and the mouthfeel was downright disappointing, with the marshmallow crumbling into a gritty texture.

But let's not be too hasty in casting judgment. Surely, the taste would redeem these vegan delights, right? While they were undeniably sweet, they fell short of delivering that iconic marshmallow flavor we all crave in a delectable Rice Krispies treat or a gooey s'more. These aren't your grandma's marshmallows.

We have to give credit where credit is due: Dandies' marshmallows deserve applause for their vegan and natural approach, waving goodbye to artificial ingredients. However, in the realm of marshmallow mastery, taste and texture reign supreme, and these just didn't quite make the cut. While Dandies' marshmallows may be suitable for those seeking a vegan alternative or embracing a plant-based lifestyle, for those of us on the quest for the ultimate marshmallow experience, these are not the marshmallows we were looking for.

10. Lucky Charms

Did you know Lucky Charms makes marshmallows? Like, did you know they make real marshmallows? We sure didn't. With their reputation for sugary delights in the cereal world, we approached these fluffy treats with both excitement and a dash of skepticism. Could these iconic puffs live up to their magical allure? Alas, we found ourselves in a realm of disappointment.

As we opened the bag, a sweet aroma wafted through the air, promising an explosion of flavor. But it was a mere trick of the senses. The flavor, or lack thereof, left us feeling like we were nibbling on clouds of nothingness. These marshmallows were the embodiment of bland, a far cry from the wild and whimsical flavors we anticipated from their cereal counterparts. However, the texture of these marshmallows was undeniably good. They were soft, fluffy, and had a pleasing chewiness that danced upon our tongues.

Sure, we expected a sugar rush and a sensory explosion, but instead, we were met with a rather dull and uneventful affair. It's like opening a treasure chest only to find a handful of pebbles. These marshmallows, while visually charming, failed to deliver on their flavor promises. While Lucky Charms marshmallows may have the luck of the Irish in terms of texture, they fall short when it comes to captivating our taste buds.

9. Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's marshmallows proudly flaunt their natural ingredients, making them one of the nutritional champions of our lineup. We couldn't help but be a little nervous as we approached the taste test, wondering if healthiness would come at the cost of flavor. As we opened the bag, a less-than-enticing smell tickled our noses. Undeterred, we pushed forward, eager to experience their textured secrets.

The first touch was surprising. These marshmallows had a roughness to them, but we never judge a marshmallow by touch. But then came the moment of truth: the taste. And oh boy, were we in for a pleasant surprise! Trader Joe's marshmallows may not have the overpowering sweetness of their sugary counterparts, but they certainly pack a delightful sugar punch. They're like that unexpected plot twist in a rom-com –- not what you anticipated, but in a good way. They managed to strike a balance between sweetness and subtlety, delivering a taste that's surprisingly satisfying.

So, while they may not have won the gold medal in our ranking, Trader Joe's marshmallows deserve a spot in the lineup for their commitment to health and their ability to pleasantly surprise our taste buds. If you're seeking a marshmallow treat that won't send you into a sugar coma but still brings joy to your snacking adventures, these vegan, gluten-free wonders might just be the ticket.

8. Baker's Corner

Get ready to enter the delightful world of Baker's Corner marshmallows from Aldi. These gluten-free, fat-free marvels hold the promise of fluffy sweetness, but as we embarked on our taste adventure, we discovered that they were the Houdinis of the marshmallow universe.

With their light and squishy texture, these marshmallows seemed poised to conquer our taste buds. But as we took that first bite, a sweet taste graced our palates, only to vanish into thin air as we continued to chew and swallow. We were left scratching our heads, wondering where the flavor had gone.

Despite their valiant efforts, Baker's Corner marshmallows just couldn't hang with the flavor powerhouses of the marshmallow realm. While they may have the credentials of being gluten-free, fat-free, and made with natural sweetness, they fell short in the flavor department. Perhaps they're more suited for those seeking a mere hint of sweetness rather than a full-blown marshmallow extravaganza. In the grand marshmallow ranking scheme, Baker's Corner marshmallows secured a respectable eighth place, but they left us yearning for that extra oomph.

7. Signature Select

Signature Select marshmallows from Safeway ranked seventh on our list. These tiny treats, while not necessarily bad, fell short in the flavor department. It's like expecting a grand symphony of sweetness, only to be serenaded by a lonely kazoo. You could taste hints of sugar, but overall, they were pretty bland. We couldn't help but wonder: What's the point of a marshmallow if it doesn't deliver that quintessential, melt-in-your-mouth, sweet marshmallow taste?

Don't get us wrong, Signature Select marshmallows weren't outright disappointments, as they were soft and fluffy to the touch. They were like the background actors in a movie, doing their job but failing to steal the spotlight. They were pleasant enough, but in the realm of marshmallow magnificence, they lacked that certain je ne sais quoi.

We appreciate the effort put into creating these mini marshmallows, and their size did add a touch of whimsy to our snacking experience. But when it comes down to it, taste reigns supreme, and these marshmallows didn't quite hit the bullseye.

6. Stop & Shop

Get ready to hit the sweet aisles of Stop & Shop, where their marshmallows aim to tantalize your taste buds. As we opened the bag, a delightful scent wafted through the air, reminiscent of a carnival filled with cotton candy delights. Our noses danced with anticipation, and we couldn't wait to sink our teeth into these fluffy wonders.

The texture of these store-brand marshmallows proved to be soft and inviting. Regarding taste, they leaned more toward a vanilla delight. It was like a marshmallow with a twist, adding a touch of sophistication to the marshmallow experience. We appreciated the unique flavor profile, even if it veered slightly off the beaten path.

If you're looking for a delightful, soft, and slightly vanilla-leaning marshmallow experience, Stop & Shop marshmallows are here to satisfy your cravings. With no artificial colors or dyes, you can enjoy them guilt-free. While not quite hitting the traditional marshmallow flavor notes, we still liked this option; they weren't a favorite. Give them a try if you're looking for something new!

5. Great Value

Walmart's Great Value brand marshmallows captured our attention with their impressive texture. Soft and squishy, they earned a perfect 10 for texture. But when it comes to sweetness, these marshmallows didn't quite hit the mark. We appreciated the flavor they did have, but they left us yearning for a little more sugary magic.

In the grand scheme of our marshmallow ranking, Great Value marshmallows secured a solid fifth place. They may not have claimed the throne, but they managed to earn their spot among the marshmallow elite. If you find yourself in a marshmallow emergency and need a soft and squishy treat without overwhelming sweetness, Great Value is here to save the day. Just be aware that if given the choice, you might opt for a marshmallow adventure that delivers a sweeter punch. But hey, sometimes a reliable sidekick is exactly what you need to satisfy your marshmallow cravings.

4. 365 Whole Foods Market

Get ready to indulge in the magic of 365 Whole Foods Market marshmallows. These minis from the beloved grocery chain captured our attention with their promise of marshmallow goodness. As we embarked on our tasting adventure, we encountered a slight hiccup in the form of a rough texture. But fear not, because these marshmallows had plenty of other tricks up their fluffy sleeves.

While the texture may have been a bit rough around the edges — literally — they still managed to maintain their squishiness. But the real star was the taste. These marshmallows delivered a solid sugary flavor that danced on our taste buds. While not super sweet, they managed to strike a balance that surpassed the other contenders on our list thus far.

They may not have claimed the top spot, but 365 Whole Foods Market marshmallows certainly earned their place among marshmallow royalty. These minis are here to satisfy your marshmallow cravings. They may not be the superstars of sweetness, but they'll certainly bring a smile to your face.

3. Good & Gather

Target's Good & Gather marshmallows proved to be a force to be reckoned with, securing a well-deserved spot in the top three of our grand ranking. As we sunk our teeth into these fluffy wonders, we were greeted with a delightful surprise. These marshmallows were like little clouds of softness, so light and airy that they could make even the marshmallow angels jealous.

Regarding taste, these marshmallows didn't shy away from their roots, delivering that quintessential flavor that we all know and love. They offered a familiar taste that was neither overpoweringly sweet nor disappointingly bland.

Next time you're perusing the aisles at Target, grab a bag of Good & Gather marshmallows. These sweet treats are the hidden gems that will bring a smile to your face without overwhelming your taste buds. They're the underdogs that prove store brands can indeed hold their own among the marshmallow elite. Who knew a store brand could rise to such marshmallow excellence?

2. Jet-Puffed

Get ready to take flight with the marshmallow marvel that is Jet-Puffed. Coming in a very close second to our number one product, these marshmallows are as nostalgic as they come. As we opened the iconic rainbow bag, we knew we were in for a treat. These marshmallows were like fluffy little pillows, so light and airy that they practically levitated on our tongues.

And the taste was even better. Jet-Puffed marshmallows delivered a classic flavor that whisked us away to campfires and cozy nights spent making s'mores. These marshmallows were the maestros of sweetness, hitting that perfect balance that leaves you wanting s'more (pun fully intended).

Overall, Jet-Puffed secured an impressive second place, nearly snatching the crown of marshmallow glory. These marshmallows are the stuff of champion s'mores, the secret ingredient that elevates your outdoor adventures and cozy nights by the fire. We have no notes — they're that good!

1. Campfire

The winner and champion of the marshmallow showdown are Campfire brand marshmallows. We opted for the giant roasters, and they did not disappoint. These sugar behemoths were super squishy, perfectly soft, deliciously marshmallowy, and made us feel like we were kids again. Their texture can't be beaten. The perfect s'more can be achieved with these fluffy sweet treats, for sure!

Made in the USA, these champion puffs are naturally and artificially flavored and are also gluten-free. They have that sugary sweetness you seek when thinking about Rice Krispies treats and campfire nights. When you dream of marshmallows, there is nothing else that fits the quintessential bill quite like Campfire.

While Jet-Puffed puts on a good show, Campfire simply offers a heartier marshmallow, and we took note. From mini sizes to fruit-flavored, they do it all. When you want the perfect marshmallow, look no further than Campfire. Their delicious promise is in the name!