What Is A Hot Fudge Sundae Cake, And Is There Ice Cream Involved?

Long gone are the boring days of sad boxed cake mix. There are so many creative and inventive desserts now on the internet, just waiting to be tasted. With ice cream season upon us, this increases the number of sweet concoctions to be made for your next birthday party, dinner party, or any other occasion.

One of these is a hot fudge sundae cake. This dish has been around in some form for decades; commenters on the original Betty Crocker recipe, which was re-published on the internet in 2006, recall making this dessert back in the '70s. Unsurprisingly, new takes have arisen thanks to the internet, and there are now multiple different recipes based on the same premise. This means all the more sundae-inspired treats to try out while hosting.

So what is hot fudge sundae cake? The classic version is a warm cake made with cocoa powder and topped with chocolaty pan sauce and ice cream. However, there's also a new version with different structures and flavor profiles — and yes, it still involves ice cream.

The original hot fudge sundae cake

The original hot fudge sundae cake recipe was created by Betty Crocker and is a fudgy baked dessert topped with chocolate sauce and ice cream. It has an unusually gooey texture, which results from the baking process. After the batter is mixed directly in the baking pan, the batter is topped with brown sugar, cocoa powder, and water. Because of this, it does not rise as a normal cake would, making it an extra moist cake. In addition, as it bakes, the excess liquid that had been poured over the batter transforms into a chocolate sauce. The sauce collects in the pan after serving, and can then be spooned over the top of the cake like hot fudge. The recipe suggests that the cake be served warm with ice cream on top like an upside-down hot fudge sundae.

As commenters imply, however, the cake doesn't need to be served warm with ice cream, and they suggest it's just as good cold or straight out of the oven. The cake itself is low in dairy and suitable for people who are lactose intolerant. Because the ice cream is added when serving, it can easily be eaten without it to make this dessert suitable for a wider audience.

Hot fudge sundae ice cream cake

A newer version of the hot fudge sundae cake that looks more like its inspiration has arisen recently. Some modern recipes for hot fudge sundae ice cream cake consist of layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream and cookie crumbs, similar to an ice cream sandwich cake. It's then topped with hot fudge, sprinkles, and maraschino cherries. The cake can either be eaten immediately with the hot fudge on top, or it can be stored in the freezer and served cold.

There are several key differences from the original recipe. First, the cake is made primarily from ice cream, rather than a typical cake base that's meant to be served with ice cream on top. In addition, the cake is garnished with hot fudge and traditional sundae toppings, which makes it look like a hot fudge sundae. The original recipe, on the other hand, looks more like how a warm pie or cobbler is normally served. However you choose to make and enjoy hot fudge sundae cake, this hot and cold treat is sure to please guests and family members.