The Hot Tip To Get A Fresh Sandwich From McDonald's Every Time

Fast-food chains like McDonald's are known for their convenience, which requires preparing certain items ahead of time. If you're on the hunt for a fresh burger or sandwich when visiting the restaurant, there's a special trick you can try. Simply make a special request with your order, and the staff member will prepare an item fresh to meet your needs.

For instance, McDonald's famous Big Mac comes with a special sauce, pickles, lettuce, onions, and American cheese. If you're concerned that your burger may have been sitting around for a bit after being premade, request the Big Mac without sauce, or onions, or pickles. If you're a fan of the chain's McChicken sandwich, ask for it without the mayo or shredded lettuce. You'll receive a fresh, customized meal that was prepared just for you only minutes before. There are also methods you can use to ensure your fries meet the same freshness standard, including one that is impossibly simple.

There are multiple methods for getting fresh fries

There are few things better in life than McDonald's French fries hot out of the fryer. In this case, there's a fry hack you can use that entails making a special request at the chain. When you want fresh fries, simply ask for a batch without salt. Because staff members salt fry batches before serving them to customers, they will have to fry up a new, saltless batch to customize their order. If you prefer salt, you can add it after receiving your order. And if you're watching your salt intake, this hack will keep you on the right track when it comes to health.

Apparently, there's an alternate fry hack that utilizes a more direct approach. According to Insider, staff at the chain will honor requests to cook up a batch of fresh fries without the no-salt subterfuge. As explained by one former worker, "Do you realize you can just ASK us for 'fresh,' and we're more likely to give them to you, right?" Similarly, you can ask for other items fresh, and most staff members will be more than happy to accommodate you. Despite the insistence on efficient service, McDonald's is genuinely invested in serving fresh, tasty menu items.

How McDonald's ensures customers always receive a quality meal

Even if you don't employ helpful tips and tricks to get fresh from the oven food from McDonald's, you can rest assured that the chain takes great pains to avoid serving poor-quality meals. According to a Reddit thread, McDonald's does store pre-made items under heat lamps until a customer requests them. However, the fast-food establishment also has a special method for tracking how long food has been sitting under the lamps.

A commenter explains that the holding tray where pre-cooked food is stored has a timer that alerts workers after a certain period. According to the commenter, the longest a food may sit in the holding tray is about 20 minutes, at which point it's replaced with something fresh. However, other commenters state that this practice can vary from location to location, especially when it comes to slower periods at the restaurant. As stated by one person, "Not uncommon to eat a burger that was cooked an hour ago during slow periods," while another claims, "The vast majority of franchises do not obey holding times unless it's an inspection day (and those are never random)."

Regardless of the practices at your nearest McDonald's, staff are instructed to take the right steps to ensure customer satisfaction. Accordingly, feel free to make special requests to ensure you receive fresh, tasty items.