TikTok's 'Jam Water' Might Be The Refreshing Drink You're Looking For

Scrolling through TikTok without stumbling upon a food hack or two is hard. The social media platform is known for popularizing unique drink combinations, such as creamy lemonade, otherwise known as Brazilian lemonade. While some are admittedly wacky, others are pretty creative and easy to make, such as frozen honey jelly. Viral drink rehashes are having a moment too. In particular, jam water is the current go-to refreshing drink for some. And just like frozen honey jelly, jam water is simple to create.

At its core, jam water is sparkling water mixed with a flavor of jam or jelly. A handful of TikTok creators are credited with popularizing the drink; one created a lime and raspberry version of the concoction for her followers. She added two teaspoons of raspberry-lychee preserves and a can of lime-flavored La Croix in a glass of ice. Once you stir the two together, you are left with a refreshing fruity drink that has people raving all over the social media platform.

Use your favorite jams

With videos about jam water racking up one million views on TikTok, it's clear that there is no one way to produce the simple drink, and other creators are sharing their renditions. If you don't have unique jam varieties like raspberry-lychee jam, you can use any flavor that you may have in your fridge. Some possible combinations include lemon sparkling water with strawberry jam, orange sparkling water with raspberry jam, or lime sparkling water with mango jam.


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Whatever jam or seltzer you use, another selling point of jam water is the bright, colorful hues and gradients the drinks produce. Because there are no rules, the flavor combos are endless — you can get creative and mix your favorite sparkling water and jam flavors to create the ultimate refreshing drink. If one flavor is not as intense as you like, add more sparkling water or spoonfuls of jam until you get the combination just as you like it.

Elevate jam water with a shot of vodka

Though jam water makes the perfect mocktail, you can take the drink to the next level by turning it into a cocktail — just add a bit of your favorite alcohol. One TikTok user made a cocktail infusing vodka with strawberry-flavored jam water. The TikToker also shared a tip for a more syrupy jam by microwaving it with water for a few seconds. Several people shared their recipes in the comment section, suggesting combos such as blackberry jam with bourbon, peach mango jam with tequila, and blackberry jam with gin.


Was running very late when i made this but worth the 90 seconds—it was delicious! #jamjar #cocktail

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Not sure where to start? Try elevating an existing cocktail by adding your favorite jam, such as strawberry jam in a gin and tonic. Or whip up a jam margarita by combining tequila, lime seltzer, and your choice of preserves. Just like regular jam water, when it comes to jam water cocktails, the possibilities are endless, and the cocktails made depend on personal preferences.