The 12 Best La Croix Flavors, Ranked

LaCroix has amassed an impressive following with its flavorful fizzy drinks. What started out as a bubbly beverage mostly enjoyed in the midwest has bloomed into a national renaissance of effervescence (via Vox). And while it's true that LaCroix now has more competition on the market to contend with, the company is still maintaining its grip as one of the top sparkling water brands when it comes to sales. This should come as no surprise, because unless you've been hiding under a rock, there's a good chance that you've noticed cans of LaCroix floating around in fridges practically everywhere, stocked up with increasing frequency by a devoted fan base that's almost cultish.

LaCroix's popularity makes a lot of sense. According to a study by a Harvard research group, our collective consumption of heavily-sweetened drinks like soda pop is on the decline. As consumers grow more health conscious, they'd rather spend money on alternative drinks that are refreshing and tasty without all of the added sugar. And La Croix is perfectly primed to cater to this shift, since it doesn't contain any sugar or sweeteners (via LaCroix).

The company also offers a wide range of flavors that include interesting options like Key Lime, Black Razzberry, and Passionfruit. But with so many flavors to choose from, how should you know which ones are worth your while? Luckily for you, we're here to save the day and clue you in. Here are 12 of the best LaCroix flavors, ranked leading up to the best.

12. Hibiscus

In case you couldn't tell from the colorful design on LaCroix's can, hibiscus is a tropical flower (via The Spruce). And herein lies both this flavor's strength and weakness. On the one hand, it's not every day that you encounter a fizzy drink flavored with hibiscus. It's a unique offering that's bound to peak the curiosity of anyone who enjoys a floral twist in their beverages. The botanical flavor in this drink is quite pronounced and immediately noticeable, which can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your preferences.

Those that dig floral-forward drinks should really enjoy this. But for others, this flavor can be more divisive. In fact, one user on Reddit chimed in about this flavor to share a troubling testimonial on the matter, stating, "I felt like I was drinking a perfume." That might sound kind of harsh, but the comparison makes sense, considering that hibiscus tends to be used in a lot of cosmetics and beauty products (via Mind Body Green). At the end of the day, there's no doubt hibiscus is one of LaCroix's most unique flavors, which automatically earns this drink some cool points. But for those that relate this scent to lotions and fancy fragrances, the association might be a little too hard to shake.

11. Key Lime

There's a good chance that when you see anything marketed as key lime, you immediately think of key lime pie. And if you ask us, key lime pie is one of the best desserts on the planet. Tangy and creamy with a twist of citrus, key lime pie is a one-of-a-kind sweet treat that conjures up images of a beautiful beach on the breezy coast of the Sunshine State. So when you crack open a can of LaCroix's Key Lime flavor, the bar is set pretty high. As a result, you're probably expecting something fruity and beachy and similar to key lime pie.

While this drink does have a pleasant hint of key lime, the truth is that it falls a bit short of achieving key lime's full-bodied complexity. Because key limes are inherently less tart than Persian limes, which are the limes commonly found in grocery stores, key limes bring a subtle difference in taste to the table (via Southern Living). While this flavor is enjoyable, the delicate difference in flavor that key limes offer isn't really captured here. In fact, a user on Reddit who tried the Key Lime flavor of LaCroix for the first time claimed, "It tastes exactly like Skittles," before asking, "What is that odd sweetness supposed to be mimicking?" This flavor's proximity to fruity candy might not necessarily be a bad thing if you like tasting the rainbow, but it might be a bit of a bummer for others expecting a more authentic key lime flavor.

10. Apricot

With a flavor somewhere between a plum and a peach, apricots have an interesting flavor that's suited for a variety of uses. From being used to make a glaze for chicken wings to being baked in a tasty pie, apricots have a versatile flavor that makes them ideal for experimentation in the kitchen. LaCroix's version of apricot cleverly cashes in on the fruit's flexibility by making a flavor that offers a refreshing blend of tartness and sweetness.

Unlike some other beverages by LaCroix, the flavor on this one is much more subdued. While a sip of this flavor will immediately reward you with a mellow flash of apricot at first, the flavor fades with a swiftness that may leave you wanting for more. For this reason, if you really want a drink that pops with apricot, we'd recommend mixing this into an iced glass of some apricot juice or apricot nectar. While incorporating some juice into the mix will likely introduce some sugar, that's a small price to pay for amping up the apricot flavor.

9. Tangerine

Like most citrus fruits, tangerines have a delicious, tangy flavor. Typically less sour and a little sweeter than oranges, tangerines can be used in a variety of ways. From tangerine margaritas to a luscious glaze for carrots, tangerines bring their signature fruitiness to everything they touch. In beverage form, the flavor of tangerine can be especially refreshing — and LaCroix's version of a fizzy tangerine is certainly a delightful way to stay hydrated.

Our only gripe here is that the flavor isn't strong enough. Like some of the other drinks that have been ranked lower on this list, the flavor on this beverage is a little too muted. While it's true that the flavor here is tasty and undeniably tangerine, it would still benefit from a little boost. A simple addition of fresh tangerine juice will give this drink the flavor buff it's missing. If you're feeling especially adventurous, you can add a splash of vodka for a tasty take on a screwdriver.

8. Mango

Mangoes are one of the most delicious fruits on the planet. With deep orange flesh that has a butter-like consistency bursting with juice, mangoes are sweet and succulent with a touch of fruity funkiness. LaCroix has done a solid job of capturing the natural flavor of mangoes in this one, which is an impressive feat considering that mangoes are inherently sweet and there are no added sugars or sweeteners in this drink.

This drink is good for any time of year, but we feel it's best enjoyed on a hot day. There's something about the chilled tropical flavor of mango that's best-suited for thirst quenching during those days that are exceptionally muggy and sweltering. The freshness of LaCroix Mango cuts through the heat and provides some delicious respite from that all-encompassing burning star above. Better yet, use this to make a margarita. The addition of fresh fruit juice to the sparkling beverage, like mango and lime along with tequila is an easy take on the classic cocktail. Imagine kicking back under a blue sky and enjoying the icy mix of mango and tequila in a warm breeze. Nothing is perfect in life, but if you ask us, that sounds pretty close.

7. Passionfruit

Typically grown in subtropical climates, passionfruit takes root all over the world, including places like Peru, the Philippines, Florida, and Mexico (via Garden Eco). Beloved for its distinctive citrusy flavor, passionfruit also offers a healthy dose of tartness that helps balance out its sweetness. The scent of passionfruit is a big part of its appeal, too. Assertively tropical, passionfruit emits a fruity and floral bouquet that's a true joy to take in, even if you aren't consuming it.

LaCroix's Passionfruit flavor does a solid job of honoring the fruit's natural taste and aroma. It's no wonder why fans of LaCroix consistently chime in to say that this flavor is one of the company's finest creations yet (via Reddit). One commenter dubbed it a "go-to flavor" for them, while another declared, "Passion fruit is the best in my opinion." All things considered, LaCroix's Passionfruit flavor is a tasty representation of the fruit itself, which is an impressive accomplishment for a simple can of sparkling water to pull off.

6. Coconut

It's not a stretch to say that coconuts are nothing short of a miracle. The fruity flesh of coconuts is highly nutritious and has been shown to contain antioxidants, making it a snack that's not only delicious but also healthy (via Healthline). Additionally, the water inside of coconuts is also tasty and hydrating. A coconut essentially contains a nourishing meal and a thirst-quenching drink all in the same natural package, which is why it's one of Mother Nature's best creations. It only stands to reason that beverage companies would want to offer coconut drinks in their lineup, and LaCroix is among those who do so. The question is: how does it stack up?

Overall, LaCroix's Coconut flavor does a respectable job at conjuring up the kind of taste you'd expect. The coconut flavor is set to a moderate level, but the creaminess kind of takes a backseat. If this were just a touch creamier, it would probably rise the ranks a little bit to be even better. But as it stands, LaCroix's Coconut flavor has a freshness and flavor that tastes natural and satisfying. Of course, there are bound to be disagreements. One user on Reddit went as far to say, "I love coconut products but hate this one. It does taste like I'm drinking lotion." Others say it tastes too artificial, while others insist have heard feedback about it comparing it to Coppertone – a sunscreen lotion. To each their own, but for us, this is a flavor from LaCroix that we never really tire from.

5. Peach-Pear

You simply can't go wrong with a combination of peach and pear. While peaches bring their own signature blend of delicate sugariness, pears have a unique sweetness that's fruity and a little tangy. When these two fruits converge and join forces, the result is a perfect pairing that's harmonious and delicious. So it's a stroke of genius on LaCroix's part to match these fruits up for a Peach-Pear option in its lineup.

It should come as no surprise that people tend to love this stuff and rank it among their favorite flavors (via Reddit). What we really love about this flavor is how balanced it is — you can really taste both the peach and the pear in this drink equally, without one fruit overpowering the other. That's an impressive feat for a can of sparkling water that mostly relies on "natural essences" — an ambiguous-sounding ingredient that's produced by heating up fruit skins at extremely high temperatures until the vapors have been ultra concentrated. If you want to go the extra mile and spruce up this beverage, we recommend adding in some fresh peach nectar and lemon juice to help amplify the fruit flavor, while helping add to its refreshing profile.

4. Guava

With its beloved blend of fruity flavors, guava has a tropical, sugary taste that feels like a combination of a pear and strawberry. Whether it's used in smoothies or glazes, guava brings a delicious freshness to everything it touches. While it's believed that guava fruit comes from the regions of Central and South America, birds also played a role in its global expansion by carrying seeds into new territories (via USDA). Often referred to as a "super fruit," guava is chock-full of health benefits like antioxidants, Vitamin C, and fiber.

While you can't necessarily reap all those benefits from a can of water, it's still a pleasure to taste — and Guava is easily one of LaCroix's best flavors. Fans of this beverage tend to appreciate its botanical aroma, slight tartness, and candy-like taste (via Reddit). This drink's inherent tropical fruitiness makes it great to use as a bubbly mixer to add some fizz to different fruit juices. Try mixing some of this with some fresh orange juice and a little pineapple juice for an amazingly tasty and bubbly beverage.

3. Pastèque (Watermelon)

Watermelon is one of those fruits that we tend to automatically associate with hydration. After all, "water" is right there in the name. Watermelon also has a natural, candy-like sweetness that makes it one of Mother Nature's best sweet treats. Sometimes there is a little touch of sourness that helps balance out the sweetness and can even carry notes that are similar to a refreshing cucumber. Massive and tasty, watermelons are definitely one of the most delicious fruits on the planet, and LaCroix's version of watermelon captures the essence of the fruit to delicious effect.

What's pleasantly surprising about LaCroix's watermelon flavor, dubbed Pastèque, is how subdued the sweetness is. While most watermelon beverages tend to veer into almost sickeningly sweet territory that feels cloying, LaCroix's interpretation doesn't make that mistake. Instead, it seems to lean more into a refreshing melon flavor and manages to taste delicious without relying too heavily on notes of sweetness. Served over some ice cubes, LaCroix's Pastèque is one of the tastiest ways to stay hydrated, with the added bonus of a delicious dose of watermelon flavor.

2. Black Razzberry

Considering raspberries are so delicious, it should come as no surprise that LaCroix's Black Razzberry flavor is one of the company's best creations. We're definitely not alone in feeling this way — plenty of other fans are happy to chime in and sing the praises of this beloved, berry-centric beverage, claiming it as their personal favorite (via Reddit).

Black raspberries tend to have a stronger, deeper flavor compared to red raspberries (via Specialty Produce), and, amazingly, LaCroix manages to capture the deeper, richer flavor of blackberries in this drink. While there is still an ever-present tanginess that we associate with raspberries in general, the more nuanced flavors of black raspberries really sinks in. According to The Bubble Verse – a sparkling water review site – this flavor by LaCroix is one of the company's highlights thanks to its notes of blackberry. Tangy and fruity, there's no doubt that this is a flavor that can easily be enjoyed on its own, but if you want to spruce it up a bit and make the drink a little more interesting and flavorful, that can be achieved with minimal effort. 

We recommend muddling some fresh raspberries with lemon juice and mint leaves. Once the mixture is thoroughly blended, pour it into a glass of LaCroix's Black Razzberry. The lemon juice adds a delightful layer of bright citrus, while the fresh raspberries amplify the notes of berries in the sparkling water. The inclusion of mint leaves bring a refreshing sparkle to the drink that deliciously complements the overall flavor profile.

1. LimonCello

Here we are, the crème de la crème of all LaCroix flavors – LimonCello. What's truly remarkable about this flavor is how complex it is without being too overpowering. The lemon flavor is present and noticeable, but it doesn't have the simplistic sour bite that LaCroix's plain lemon flavor has. Instead, the citrus in LaCroix's LimonCello takes a backseat to a creamier taste that resembles a creamsicle or a lemon cupcake with vanilla frosting.

Fans on Reddit consider this flavor of a higher caliber than LaCroix's lemon flavor, thanks to its more nuanced flavor profile. Some have even described it as a "lemony marshmallow." Strangely, LimonCello is one of the few flavors that LaCroix hasn't offered a complimentary drink recipe for, but that's probably just because it already has so much flavor on its own that it doesn't really require a whole lot of doctoring for enjoyment. All we would suggest here is adding a few slices of fresh lemon to help bring out the citrus a little more. Since this flavor is so creamy, fresh lemon adds a brightness and a touch of sweetness that really ties everything together. If you're new to LaCroix's fizzy wonderland of "naturally essenced" beverages," LimonCello should be one of the first cans that you crack open.