The 13 Healthiest Frozen Food Brands

Maintaining a healthy and nourishing diet for ourselves and our families can be a daunting task, thanks to rising food costs and ever-growing busy schedules. Frozen food and meals have always been an easy fix when you need a quick and simple hot meal. However, these processed items also have a reputation for being bland, unexciting, and not good overall for your body. 

Frozen meals, in particular, are typically high in sodium and preservatives, leading many health-conscious individuals to avoid them altogether. Thankfully, there are a few brands out there working to offer better alternatives with higher standards when it comes to taste and the quality of ingredients.

These brands have tested, studied, and experimented with ingredients to create products that are lower in sodium and free of preservatives and additives. They are also made with wholesome, nourishing ingredients. When it comes to nutritious frozen food brands, we've sought out the ones with the most to offer. Discover healthy desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth, satiating and unprocessed breakfasts, and dishes made with farmer's market quality fruits and vegetables.

1. Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a brand that has quickly earned a name for itself because of its commitment to creating high-quality frozen meals. Each meal's selection of foods and ingredients is as nutritious as the vegetables freshly picked from your garden.

The company's products are not only tasty but also adhere to gluten-free, dairy-free, nut and soy-free diets — they are also fully vegan. The fact that all of the brand's meals, snacks, and desserts are plant-based is a big selling point, as it aligns with the growing importance of implementing more fruits and vegetables into our diets. 

Vegetables and fruit that haven't been processed tend to be high in fiber, which can keep you feeling full for longer, contribute to lowering your cholesterol, and may also help reduce your blood sugar levels. This brand harvests and freezes its fruits and veggies at the peak of their ripeness, which ensures that the nutrients, flavors, and textures are well preserved. 

Daily Harvest's focus on protein and fiber has brought a whole new reputation to frozen meals. There's no need to feel sluggish or unsatisfied when a brand like this has made whipping up a wholesome meal possible in just minutes. From crunchy flatbreads and hearty harvest bowls to smoothies, and snack bites, there's something for everyone at any time of the day. 

2. Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice has become well-known among shoppers looking for a quick and tasty meal. The brand's variety of frozen dinners and lunches goes above and beyond when it comes to smart eating. This brand strictly adheres to the Food and Drug Administration's official guidelines, which takes the guesswork out of shopping and mealtimes. 

The brand specifically meets the FDA's standards for daily fat levels, sodium intake, and more. For example, they suggest labels should read no more than 3 grams of fat, 1 gram of saturated fat, 20 milligrams of cholesterol per labeled serving, and 600 milligrams of sodium or less per serving to be considered a healthy choice. 

Some other frozen food brands present you with information about daily intakes and levels on the label but knowingly create products that far exceed the recommended amounts. With a variety of options to choose from, such as zero bowls with no added sugar, power bowls that are packed with plant-based fiber, flavorful steamers, and max bowls that are loaded with protein, there is something for everyone who wants to maintain a more conscious lifestyle. 

Healthy Choice sets the standard for healthy frozen food, and consumers can enjoy their meals while staying true to their health goals. Shoppers can expect to find varieties like pesto pasta, adobo chicken, whole grain bowls, and more.

3. Cedarlane Foods

Another brand that's committed to creating easy yet nutritious meals is Cedarlane Foods. The company provides a range of products that are overflowing with flavor that goes beyond your typical prepared meal. What truly sets this Southern California-based company apart from other brands is its diverse selection, from tamales to chicken shawarma, all with significantly less sodium than what's usually found in the frozen aisle.

With gluten-free, vegetarian, and plant-based options, Cedarlane's meals are far from boring. Forget mystery meat and bland carbs and instead choose a three-layer chicken enchilada, a roasted pork bowl, or a vegan lentil shepherd's pie

In addition, most of its options are packed with protein to energize you throughout the day. The Mayo Clinic suggests at least 15 to 30 grams of protein per day, which is no problem here, considering Cedarlane bowls can have anywhere from 19 to 22 grams of protein per serving.

Cedarlane also has paleo bowls. Paleo is a style of eating that prevents people from eating unprocessed foods that might've been found during the Paleolithic era, such as lean meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Some research shows that this diet could support weight management, create healthier blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and lower your risk of heart disease.

4. Amy's

Amy's frozen meals are a combination of fresh ingredients and carefully crafted flavors. The products available are USDA Organic certified, ensuring customers that they are only getting the best. 

Amy's brand also offers a selection for those with dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, soy-free, tree nut-free, vegan, kosher, and plant-based meals. From hearty meals like mac and cheese, pizza, burritos, and more, Amy's frozen gluten-free meals will leave you feeling full and satisfied without triggering inflammation caused by food allergies. 

Amy's came to be back in 1987 before strict regulations on organic labeling existed. However, this brand has always been dedicated to great flavor and wholesome ingredients. Over the years, as requirements changed, they continued to farm and source responsibly and have since become a trusted name among organic shoppers. 

Today, Amy's farming practices are better for the soil and environment and produce great-tasting vegetables. Sourcing other local ingredients allows Amy's to reduce their carbon footprint and control the flavor and quality of its products. Amy's commitment to sustainability is admirable, making it a standout brand among other frozen food companies.

5. Sweet Loren's

Sweet Loren's is a tasty brand that you might want to consider keeping in your freezer year-round. Not only are the frozen cookie doughs a breeze to prepare during any time of year, but they are flavored to perfection without a long list of hard-to-pronounce preservatives and additives to worry about. 

Simple to make and delectably tasty, these cookie dough recipes are plant-based, gluten-free, nut-free, and non-GMO, and taste like they're straight from the bakery. These products also contain little sodium, with only 75 milligrams in the chocolate chip flavor and only 6 grams of added sugar.

Sweet Loren's proves that great-tasting gluten-free dessert options can still be on the menu. Like other grown items, wheat and grain have been modified over the years — the plants have been altered to stave off disease and drought more effectively and make bread and dough chewier and fluffier. The downside is that our bodies are not accustomed to this change, which explains why more people are noticing an intolerance to gluten.

6. Cascadian Farm

Cascadian Farm is a top contender in the list of healthiest frozen food brands, thanks to its certified organic and Non-GMO ingredients. With a range of frozen foods available, this brand ensures that your meal will be tasty and nutritious. 

This notion goes all the way back to 1972 when the founder, Gene Kahn, wanted to create a company that promoted organic agriculture. He felt organic farming would improve the quality of our food and overall health and could positively impact the environment.

Stock your freezer with these reliable, healthy ingredients, which will transform your experience in the kitchen. From classic choices like green beans, carrots, and vegetable blends to more exciting options such as frozen beets, blackberries, edamame, multi-colored carrots, and cauliflower rice, the possibilities are endless and don't require long hours in the kitchen. 

These foods are simple, clean ingredients that are frozen quickly after harvesting, which means they don't require preservatives or additives to stay fresh. In addition to fruits and vegetables, Cascadian Farm can take your side dish game up a notch. Fry up a side of organic crinkle-cut fries that are filling and healthier than fast food, or easily add a side of ready-to-roast vegetables to stretch your entree for the whole family.

7. Evol

Honing in on quality meats and other ingredients, Evol is an excellent alternative if you don't have the time to prepare or attain fresh butchered chicken and pork for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

A highlight of Evol is the brand's determination to include higher-quality ingredients, particularly meat. The brand never uses artificial flavors or colors and only includes meats that have been bred and raised without the use of antibiotics.

Farmers and food manufacturers have used antibiotics in the past to deter bacteria and infections in their livestock. While this might seem like the best thing to do since infections can cause serious problems if they spread throughout the farm or herd, that's not the case. The increased use of antibiotics has also heightened the chances of creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria that could become dangerous to people. 

Brands striving towards healthier products are opting to source meat raised carefully without these chemicals. This means you can feel good about what you're eating while enjoying delicious, flavor-packed options like the Thai style curry chicken, fire grilled steak bowl, or the uncured ham, egg, and cheddar breakfast sandwich.

On top of sourcing antibiotic-free meats, this brand also finds fresh cage-free eggs to use in their breakfast options. The overall care and quality that goes into all elements of this brand's foods is what sets Evol apart. Not to mention the bold flavors and exciting options.

8. Brazi Bites

Brazi Bites have a selection of packaged doughy, cheesy bread bites that are simply delicious. The bags can be stored in the freezer and popped into the microwave or air fryer anytime you need a savory treat. These simple appetizers or snacks will impress any guests with their delicate texture and big flavors. With no added sugar and even some protein, these are perfect at any time of the day for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

If you are on a gluten-free diet and miss having morning bagels, check out these certified gluten-free bites that have the flavor and texture you've been craving. Choose from the Everything Brazilian cheese bread bites, cheddar and parmesan or garlic asiago, and pepperoni bites, among many other options.

This brand's dedication to bringing healthier options to the frozen food aisle also caters to different diets like soy-free, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more. To make them even more desirable, Brazi Bites never uses artificial flavors, and are considered grain free.

9. Deep Indian Kitchen

Deep Indian Kitchen presents a range of frozen Indian meals that are not only delicious but also made with high-caliber ingredients. These meals are quick and easy to prepare, making them the perfect choice for busy individuals who still want to enjoy a complex, wholesome, and authentic Indian snack, lunch, or dinner.

The brand's collection includes chicken that is never raised with the use of antibiotics. Customers might be surprised, thanks to the layers of flavor, but the company doesn't use artificial ingredients in their show-stopping meals either. 

While some of these items may be slightly higher in sodium than other brands on this list, the ingredients label is refreshingly free of odd additives or preservatives. This can be a rarity in the frozen food aisle. For example, a popular frozen meal brand Banquet often has sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate, and more on the label.

Deep Indian Kitchen's recipes have been passed down through generations and remain true to traditional Indian methods and techniques. From creamy chicken korma and spinach paneer samosas to spicy vindaloo, these meals pack a punch of flavor and complexity in just a few minutes.

10. Saffron Road

If you're a fan of Thai, Mexican, or Indian recipes, another brand to watch is Saffron Road. In addition to being an ethically and sustainably sourced company, Saffron Road also offers a wide collection of organic and non-GMO frozen products that are gluten-free and certified Halal. Quality ingredients are incorporated into delicious dishes, making for an excellent and tasty source of fiber and protein that can be ready in 6 minutes or less.

The brand's beef and chicken are sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised animals that aren't given added hormones, this ensures flavorful and safe meat to enjoy. When it comes to protein, Saffron Road believes in providing meals that nourish us and deliver superior flavor. 

For example, the chicken Biryani frozen meal with basmati rice contains a whopping 18 grams of protein. The brand also offers a vegan option — the chickpea Masala which has 9 grams of protein. Saffron Road achieves this without using protein isolates, soy proteins, or other protein additives like other brands. Instead, they use real ingredients such as lentils, chickpeas, chicken, and rBST-free dairy to pack their meals with protein, alongside other nourishing ingredients.

11. Snow Days

Snow Days' organic, grain-free pizza bites are a quick and fulfilling snack that you don't have to feel guilty about. This brand's cheesy pizza bites have enough spice and flavor and are not only savory and satisfying but filled with organic ingredients. That means you don't have to worry about chemicals and other harsh additives ruining any healthy diet. 

Serve these up at gatherings as a tasty, reminiscent snack, or use them to liven up your lunchtime with a salad or sandwich. The brand Snow Days has upgraded a classic treat, the frozen pizza roll, into something healthy that will still instantly transport you back to your childhood. 

You can choose from a wide range of flavors, such as the traditional pepperoni and cheese, or something more exciting such as buffalo or taco flavors. On top of great tasting, these are free from grains, gluten, and seed oils. They are also preservative-free, non-GMO, and do not contain artificial ingredients. 

12. Veggies Made Great

Veggies Made Great checks all the boxes for anyone struggling to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diets. These gluten-free frozen food options can be popped into the microwave right before breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Each meal also has hearty ingredients that will give you the boost you need, thanks to the high volume of vegetables in each serving.

With muffins, veggie cakes, frittatas, and stuffed cauliflower bites on the menu, you'll never feel like you're eating plain vegetables — there's something for everyone. One of the most popular products available is definitely the decadent double chocolate muffins, so much so that these muffins were named the 2020 Best Bite by Delicious Living. 

These chocolaty muffins are packed with zucchini, carrots, and only 8 grams of added sugar. And, of course, this brand leaves out artificial flavors and colors from its recipes.

13. Cappello's

Cappello's is a trusted brand that has established itself as a healthy choice for those who love comfort food but don't want to compromise on the quality of ingredients. With products ranging from cookie dough and biscuits to pasta and pizza, this brand has made it easy for frozen food lovers to indulge. Plus, you won't have to worry about uncovering unhealthy additives in this brand's meals.

Several gluten-free options mean that those with dietary sensitivities can still enjoy the carb favorites without suffering the side effects like feeling sluggish after the meal rather than energetic. Additionally, the ingredient lists of Cappello's products are full of spices and flavors that add an extra layer of depth to the meals while still keeping preservatives and artificial flavors off the label. This brand achieves such fresh, vibrant flavors because they are sure to freeze the ingredients soon after they are harvested, which retains their nutritional value.