Frozen Fruit Sold At Costco In 2022 Just Recalled For Hepatitis Risk

As a bulk goods retailer, Costco has many members who purchase items like frozen fruit for long-term storage. Accordingly, it's important that consumers are aware of a recent frozen fruit recall involving the chain, even though the product is no longer available on store shelves. Per an announcement issued by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the voluntary recall of the product, called Organic DayBreak Blend, was enacted by producer Wawona Frozen Foods. The concerns focus on frozen strawberries included in the pack, which are a product of Mexico. While there are fears that the strawberries are possibly contaminated with hepatitis-A, no consumers have reported illness linked to the product.

As explained by the Mayo Clinic, hepatitis-A is a virus that impacts liver function. Symptoms, which usually present weeks after the initial infection, include mild fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue. In most cases, symptoms resolve in a matter of weeks and cause no lasting effects. However, seniors and people with an existing liver disease have a higher risk of serious complications, including acute liver failure. As such, it's important for Costco customers to take the proper actions if they have potentially contaminated items in their freezers.

Details on the recall and what you should do if you have the product at home

The Organic DayBreak Blend currently the subject of a voluntary recall was available at Costco from April 15, 2022, to June 26, 2022. Contaminated packs can be identified by their use-by dates, including 09/23/2023, 09/29/2023, 09/30/2023, and 10/18/2023 (which can be found on the back bottom of the packaging). You can also reference the lot codes, which are listed within the FDA's announcement.

In the event you have the product in your home, the FDA is urging consumers to discard it immediately. You can also contact the Costco location where you purchased the item to inquire about a refund. It should be noted that the retailer currently sells other Wawona Frozen Foods products, and these are not part of the recall. Only the use-by dates and lot numbers listed in the FDA announcement must be discarded. If you or your family have consumed some of the potentially contaminated product, following up with a doctor is recommended according to The Ohio State University — even if no symptoms have presented.