12 Canned Foods You Should Be Buying At Trader Joe's

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Trader Joe's store-brand products, including canned foods, are specially selected, must meet strict standards, and pass a taste test before they're put out for the public. These items are free from artificial chemical additives and usually packed in non-BPA-lined cans to safeguard the environment and your health. 

Although Trader Joe's is known for providing consumers with budget-friendly quality items, not all are hits, so trying something new is always risky. When you pick a can off the shelf, you typically spend a few seconds reviewing the product information to determine if it truly deserves a place in your cart. Will it join the growing collection of items in your pantry that were abandoned forever? Or will it be one of those great finds that becomes a staple in your kitchen? 

We've put together a list of the best canned foods you'll find in one of America's favorite grocery stores, Trader Joe's. These items have some of the highest consumer ratings, offer crucial nutrients, and allow flexibility in the kitchen. 

1. Organic Coconut Milk

If you have ever wondered how Trader Joe's organic coconut milk performs in dishes or if it's worth buying, just look at the reviews. One happy customer commented, "Trader Joe's always has the best quality and value. This coconut milk has some cream on the top that is great for using for thick sauces, vegan cheesecake, or desserts. It's also great in curries, soups, stews, etc."

You may already know that authentic coconut milk typically has few ingredients, and this Trader Joe's product isn't any different. It has only two ingredients, no sweeteners, gums, or artificial flavoring –- just water and coconut. Another consumer on Amazon shared why they chose this brand. "The product has lots of coconut flavors. Not watered down, very thick." Reviewers describe its taste as "real coconut & it even has a real coconut sweetness that no other brand has." 

But the best part is that you're not paying more for better quality. Trader Joe's canned coconut milk is reasonably priced, so it's an affordable way to replace milk if you're vegan or sensitive to dairy.

2. Albacore Tuna

Trader Joe's makes solid white Albacore Tuna preserved in water and oil. Both are excellent and offer diverse nutrients, so the choice depends entirely on your tastes. The company further extends its inclusivity by providing salted and low-salt varieties, so that even if you're on a low-sodium diet, you're not left out.  

Trader Joe's Albacore Tuna in water contains up to 29 grams of protein per serving. You get potassium, iron, and vitamin D, essential nutrients for normal bodily functions. WebMD also adds that canned tuna may provide an astounding amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which keeps your brain, heart, and eyes healthy. 

According to this shopper on Amazon, Trader Joe's is "One of the few good brands of tuna that doesn't add vegetable broth to their cans. Just tuna." All you'll find in each can is tuna meat in water or oil. Another reviewer describes this tuna as "the best tuna fish in the game. Great lid, great taste, great job Trader Joe's! Also a fan of the minimal water and solid pieces. Very easy to drain with the lid." The final reason why this product is worth purchasing is that the fish is harvested using ethical tools, such as "circle hooks and nylon leads," that help preserve natural resources.

3. Organic Pumpkin

Once you see the leaves outside change from green to brown, you know pumpkin season is upon us, and that means it gets added to nearly all dishes, from pies to cheesecakes and lattes. Fall is also typically when Trader Joe's canned pumpkin returns to the shelves.

Explaining why they can't wait to snatch this gem off the shelves once it's back in stock, this reviewer said this product from Trader Joe's is "one of the best canned pumpkin I've ever used. It's basically 100% pumpkin. I've used it for making pies as well as adding it to my dog's food.... on the occasion!!" 

The only ingredient listed on this product is organic pumpkin. This means you're getting the nutritional benefits of fresh ones, such as vitamin A, iron, calcium, and vitamin C, according to the USDA. These canned pumpkins also serve as an excellent source of fiber, meeting 16% of your daily dietary needs and a healthy choice for your digestive system.

4. Dolmas

Trader Joe's canned Dolmas contain flavorful marinated grape leaves stuffed with rice or quinoa. Healthline explains that both grain options are gluten-free, rich in fiber, and provide crucial micronutrients. However, quinoa earns a few extra points because it's a complete protein source. 

The key to making great-tasting Dolmas is using a few simple ingredients like rice, dill, lemon, grape leaves, and oil. "The Trader Joe's dolmas are just that, simple, but very tasty. They're tangy, a little sour. The rice is perfectly cooked," one reviewer shared. It has a mix of natural herbs and spices that make it flavorful such as garlic powder, ginger powder, onion powder, celery seed oil, black pepper, and lemon juice.

Trader Joe's canned Dolmas are low in fat, cholesterol, and sugar, making them suitable for individuals with special diet recommendations. Another reason buyers love Trader Joe's canned dolmas is that they're an easy lunch to throw in your bag for on-the-go.

5. Giant Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce

Many people state the Giant Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce from Trader Joe's is a staple in their pantries and kitchens. It contains cooked cannellini beans in tomato sauce with some diced tomatoes. The addition of natural flavoring ingredients to this product, like parsley, red pepper, dill, black pepper, and soy oil, balances the sweetness. One buyer said, "I love these giant baked beans! The seasons [sic] were perfect for my taste! The tomato sauce and herbs were an excellent compliment to the tasty beans. High-quality product and super delicious."

This product gives you 8 grams of fiber per serving, meeting 32% of what you need for the day. In addition, you'll be getting 7 grams of protein. It's also low in fat, cholesterol, and sugar. If you're looking for suggestions on how to enjoy Trader Joe's Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce, you can eat them directly from the can alone or enjoy them with fried eggs.

6. Organic Black Beans

To add more protein and fiber to their diet, consumers are happy to add these cans to their cart. Each serving of Organic Black Beans from Trader Joe's gives you 5 grams of protein and 3 grams of dietary fiber. This product isn't unbearably salty, and at 130 grams of sodium per serving, it may be suitable for several meal plans. Confirming that this product's nutrient profile is why they keep coming back for more, one person commented on abillion, "Iron. Protein. Uhhh fiber? Anyways, any day I think I've eaten enough beans, I know I need to eat more. MORE BEANNNNNS!! 🧙🏼‍♂️" 

Another shopper added that like most Trader Joe's products, these Organic Black Beans are of excellent quality yet low in price. It contains organic black beans in water and sea salt — all it needs to stay fresh until ready for use. This buyer said, "Another Trader Joe's product that I buy on a regular basis. Very affordable price." Consumers absolutely love the beans for their soft texture and flavor.

7. Green Jackfruit in Brine

If you're vegan or looking to replace meat in some dishes, you may want to grab a can of Green Jackfruit in Brine from Trader Joe's. It is versatile, has no chemicals, and doesn't taste like an odd meat substitute made in the lab. It has the right meaty texture and soaks up all the spices you add to it, so it tastes just right.

Even if you've never used jackfruit as a meat replacement before, you may soon become like this consumer who was skeptical at first but came back to drop this review on Influenster: "I was a little unsure of this at first, but someone brought Jackfruit barbecue to a potluck and I was hooked. The brand from Trader Joe's is fantastic and really easy to make into a great vegan barbecue." They also added some tips for first-time users, "Drain in break it up had a little dry rub in the little barbecue sauce cook it up and it is great."

Trader Joe's Green Jackfruit in Brine is a healthy fiber source that meets up to 28% of your daily needs. You also get calcium and iron, essential nutrients your body needs to strengthen bones, make blood cells, and other vital body processes.

8. Organic Vegetarian Chili

Although the can says "Organic Vegetarian Chili," this Trader Joe's product may also be vegan-friendly as it has no meat or animal products. The meaty bits you'll find inside are from sunflower seeds. This product also deserves recognition for excluding soy protein, which makes it even more inclusive.

One happy consumer said that Trader Joe's Organic Vegetarian Chili " is by far the best chili out there! I love chili but don't like meat, so a vegetarian chili is what I opt for. This chili has the best flavor and spices and always tastes so delicious." It packs a spicy punch with green and red bell peppers, onions, garlic, and jalapeño peppers.

This product also exceeds the expectations of consumers who aren't vegan or vegetarian, as one person reported, "I accidentally bought it once and never went back. The flavors are amazing and the texture is seriously perfect."

Just one serving of this product gives you 15 grams of protein together with other micronutrients like calcium, potassium, and iron. It doesn't have excessive amounts of sugar or fat and supports your gut with 10 grams of dietary fiber.

9. Organic Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) are packed with nutrients. Healthline notes that some of the potential health benefits of consuming them include protecting brain function, preventing heart disease, and supporting digestion. In addition to all these, garbanzo beans are a budget-friendly meal addition, and you can easily pick up a few cans from your local Trader Joe's without breaking the bank.

Adding a serving of Trader Joe's Garbanzo beans to your meals supplies you with 6 grams of protein, 50 milligrams of calcium, 1.2 milligrams of iron, and 5 grams of dietary fiber. Even though they're preserved in brine, the total sodium content of this product is relatively low with just 130 milligrams per serving.

Trader Joe's organic canned garbanzo beans are creamy and have a nutty taste that one person describes as being "Consistently good." This versatile product works well alone in simple snacks like air fryer crispy chickpeas, but it's also great for making other dishes like salads and soups. Another reviewer called this canned beans "a staple in a vegan kitchen," as they can serve as egg substitutes in various recipes. This product is Kosher and certified organic.

10. Smoked Trout

Trader Joe's canned Smoked Trout filets add a "lovely smoked flavor" to your meals, one consumer on Amazon shared. Another person describes its taste as "Smokey, briney and full of flavor," while others note that it lacks the characteristic fishy smell and taste of canned fish.

This product only has four essential ingredients: trout filets, smoke, salt, and canola oil. The result is a low-fat, protein-rich food (12 grams) with no artificial chemicals. It's also low in cholesterol and is an outstanding nutrient source for individuals worried about cardiovascular health. One satisfied buyer said, "We love TJ's smoked trout and if our pantry shelves had only canned protein on them this would be it."

On a Reddit thread where Trader Joe's shoppers shared their experiences with this product, one person commented, "This is my (new to me) favorite thing that I'm eating now from Trader Joe's I have like six tins in my pantry right now it is absolutely delicious."

11. Grecian-Style Eggplant with Tomatoes and Onions

Trader Joe's Grecian-Style Eggplant With Tomatoes and Onions contains fried eggplant soaked in tomato sauce and tomato chunks. It has all-natural seasonings, like parsley, black pepper, garlic, red pepper, and curry powder, giving it that rich flavor that compliments any meal. This can of veggies has a rich and tasty flavor that customers rave about.

For consumers, the versatility of this product has them locked in. One Amazon reviewer said, "This is an excellent product, delicious and versatile, eaten all by itself, or as a sauce on pasta or other vegetables." Another person who shared the same sentiments wrote, "I love this product as a lone snack, or, even better, combined with potatoes and big mushrooms. So freaking good!" So, whether you plan to eat them straight from the can or add them to pasta or another dish, these Grecian-style eggplants with tomatoes and onions should be added to your pantry.

12. Organic Diced and Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Trader Joe's Organic Diced and Fire Roasted Tomatoes are tender and sweet with a decent tang that elevates your dish. It's made using fresh organic tomatoes, which ripened on the vine. The next step is roasting them over a flame to release their natural sweetness and add a smoky flavor. Organic green chili peppers are added for a bit of heat, but it's not overpowering. Other Ingredients in this product are sea salt, calcium chloride, citric acid, and organic vinegar to preserve its taste and freshness.

The total sodium content in each serving of Trader Joe's Organic Diced and Fire Roasted Tomatoes is 8%, which is low. It also offers other nutrients like calcium, potassium, and iron. If you're thinking of a new way to introduce this product into your kitchen besides stews or sauces, try adding them to homemade chili, top a pizza with them, or turn them into a dip with melted cheese.