What Foods At Trader Joe's Are Actually More Affordable?

While grocery shopping is largely considered a chore by most people, a trip to Trader Joe's may seem more like a cause for celebration. This supermarket chain has reached icon status among shoppers thanks to its inventory of one-of-a-kind products. Consumers can find a selection of meat, produce, cheese, seafood, prepared dishes, coffee, tea, alcohol, snacks, and so much more. There's also a broad selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free selections, which ensures that all shoppers can accommodate their specific dietary needs.

Trader Joe's dedication to its customers is reflected in consumers' devotion to the brand. According to Fox Business, the store was ranked number one in a 2019 poll surveying 7,000 homes throughout the nation. The poll looked at several factors, such as the quality of the products and the convenience of the shopping experience. Price was another crucial factor in the poll, and Trader Joe's once again came out on top thanks to its unique product lines.

Trader Joe's great prices and high quality products

Any visitor to Trader Joe's will notice that the store is lacking brand-name products. According to its website, Trader Joe's forgoes "branded items" for goods bearing its own label. Items are carefully sourced from around the globe and meticulously tested to ensure they meet the superior standards imposed by the store. When items pass the test, they are added to the stock to the delight of shoppers.

Because items are from its own label, Trader Joe's is able to offer them at a more affordable price compared to other grocery stores. However, these low prices do not detract from the quality of the goods found at the chain, according to SFGATE. Most of the items are acquired from manufacturers that exclusively develop and create generic goods for supermarkets. Take spices for example. TODAY lists 10 popular spices you can get at TJ's that are under $3.

The Penny Hoarder has some favorite low-price items, too including TJ's big bag of cheese puffs coming in at $2.49 and a container of organic hummus at $2.69.

Other cheap Trader Joe's finds

Many of the products found at Trader Joe's are more affordable than other stores thanks to its preference for 'generic' goods. Reader's Digest lists some of the great finds offered by the store, including seasonal items and a variety of nuts for snacking noting that the price of almonds and other nuts is typically cheaper when compared to other supermarket chains. Insider recommends meeting your gourmet cheese needs here, specifically citing the store's brie and cheddar options as offering lots of quality at an unbelievable price. Talk Radio News suggests getting flowers from TJ's as they are always fresh and cheaper than most other stores coming in as low as $3.99. Trader Joe's also has some great finds for under $5, like fresh pasta, burrata, and wine. Yes, wine.

Of course, there are some items that might be better bought elsewhere. Kiplinger compares certain every day groceries to determine where the best deal can be found. For example, Trader Joe's offers a two-pack of their special brand of veggie burgers at $4.49, while a four-pack of veggie burgers at Target is $4.39. And while one banana at Trader Joe's costs 19 cents, one banana at Whole Foods is around 16 cents. 

You'll have to determine for yourself where you're better off saving those pennies, though.