The Sneaky Way To Score A Free Bonus Smash Cake From Grocery Stores

There's nothing quite like celebrating a baby's first birthday. Parents put a lot of time and effort into these festivities, even though their little ones will have limited memories of the event. Accordingly, first birthdays are usually focused on the adults in attendance who are typically thrilled to make the acquaintance of the newest family member. First birthday gatherings also offer many prime picture-taking opportunities, which provide parents with ample social ammunition as their children grow older.

For instance, smash cakes are an essential aspect of first birthday celebrations. An addition to a larger cake that's served to guests, a smash cake is a smaller version that belongs exclusively to the guest of honor. Many parents love putting a small smash cake in front of their kids, which the child inevitably smashes to the delight of partygoers. Because these cakes are destined for destruction, parents obviously don't want to pay an arm and a leg for them. Fortunately, you may be able to get one for free from some local grocery stores and supermarkets by simply asking politely.

Ask and you shall receive (a free cake)

In many cases, getting something for free is as simple as just asking. Smash cakes, for instance, can often be obtained for no charge when you order a larger birthday cake for a child's party. While sizes may vary according to the bakery making the cake, most smash cakes are about 4-inches in diameter. In this event, a number of bakeries will provide an additional cake free of charge when you place your initial order.

Providing free smash cakes makes a lot of sense for many grocery stores, which is probably why so many participate in the practice. Small cakes are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the loyalty they inspire in customers. Additionally, making a child's birthday party more fun and livelier is its own reward. So, which stores are you most likely to find a free smash cake for your child's birthday party?

Let them eat (smash) cake

When seeking a free smash cake, you don't necessarily have to try your luck at different locations. There's a variety of grocery stores and supermarkets that provide free cakes for little ones when customers make another purchase. Publix is a supermarket chain that's found in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida, among other locations. It's possible to acquire a free smash cake from the store when you buy a cake that proclaims, "happy first birthday."

Walmart, which has locations all over the U.S., also provides parents free smash cakes for their birthday bashes. In this case, you'll get a 6-inch round cake after spending $14.98 or more at the bakery. Even better, the smaller cake can be decorated to match the larger version. Other free smash cake retailers include Winn-Dixie, Albertsons, and Giant Food Stores. Because participation may vary from place to place, it's best to place your cake order 24 hours or more before the party to get a free smash cake.