10 Super-Cute Smash Cakes

It always used to be the case that at a first birthday partythe cake was reserved for the adults to eat while admiring the birthday baby, who wouldn't normally be given more than a few bites of the cake. However, in the last few years, kids' first birthday parties have changed drastically, and it's all because of smash cakes: A cake baked just for the birthday boy or girl to destroy, eat, and play with (and in).

Baby Blue Cupcake

Cupcakes are often stereotyped as being only for girls, but this giant, blue, frosted cupcake is perfect for all those sweet-toothed baby boys out there.

Bear Birthday

This birthday cake topped with a smiling bear holding this baby's first-ever birthday candle is totally picture-perfect.

Giant Cupcake

As long as you love purple, this giant, lilac cupcake smash cake would be the best thing to dive right into.

Mickey Mouse Cake

Every Disney-obsessed kid will look back on photos of this smash cake and be so thrilled with how his or her parents decided to celebrate his first birthday.

Octopus Cake

This perfectly formed cake is almost too adorable to smash, but we're sure every 1-year-old will be desperate to break into this underwater-themedpolka-dot-decorated birthday cake.

Princess Cake

For the wannabe princess, this pink, crown-topped cake is the best way for two tutu-wearing twins to celebrate their first birthdays.

Rainbow Cake

Every child will be thrilled to break into a rainbow cake on his or her birthday — just make sure you're prepared to cope with the colorful mess that follows the smashing ceremony.

Ribbon-Tied Cake

For a supremely elegant smash cake, we love this one that has ladyfinger cookies stuck round the outside and is tied up beautifully with a large, pink, satin ribbon.

Roses Cupcake

This giant cupcake smash cake — decorated with pink roses, a stripy (and edible) cupcake case, and personalized with the birthday girl's name — is totally adorable.

Tiered Smash Cake

Maybe you thought that elegantly frosted, tiered sponge cakes were reserved for weddings, but they're also perfect for those lucky children whose parents are able to spoil them with such a decadent, smashable birthday gift.