TikTok Is Seriously Torn Over Costco's Sonic-Esque 'Pebble Ice' Maker

Pebble ice goes by many different names, according to Robust Kitchen. It is also called nugget ice, pellet ice, Sonic ice (after the fast-food chain), and chewable ice. It can often be found in fast-food restaurants like Sonic and Chick-fil-A, or in hospitals, provided to patients as a way to rehydrate.

This ice is typically "fluffier" and easier to chew, thanks to its textured consistency. If you enjoy chewing on ice but want to enjoy the pebble ice in your favorite drink, the air pockets of pebble ice can also absorb small amounts of liquid, adding some extra flavor to every crunch.

If you're constantly craving this kind of ice, you might find yourself researching ice machines to make your own at home (via Food Network). However, many of these machines come with a hefty price tag. One TikTok user found a great deal on a machine at their local Costco — but some commenters are less than thrilled with it.

This TikTok user found a deal at their store

TikTok user @costcoguide notes in their profile that they are not affiliated with the chain retailer, but simply love to share their favorite Costco finds with viewers. In a video posted on January 8, they say they found "the best deal" at the store. They then show off the GE Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker, and say "it makes this tiny little pebble ice." At Costco, the ice maker was being sold for $270.98 — which the poster says is the "best price" they have found the machine for, according to the video description.

Some commenters were excited about the find. One person wrote, "I have it and it's the best thing ever." Another commented, "Just got one a few months ago and it's pretty awesome." However, not everyone was thrilled about the machine. "Sadly, prepare yourself for constant struggles with this machine. There's a reason they're trying to offload them," one commenter wrote. Another wrote, "[They] breakdown constantly," and noted that they were "currently on my 4th machine in 2 years."

Considering the potential pitfalls of the device, is it a worthwhile investment? The answer to that question may boil down to how badly you need pebble ice in your life.

The machine might require some extra work

While $270 might still seem like a hefty price tag for an ice maker, the GE Appliances website lists the same machine for $629. If you find yourself constantly craving pebble ice for your drinks, the reduced price at Costco might be worth the chance — even if it requires some additional upkeep.

In fact, while some who commented on the TikTok video may have been disappointed by the machine, others stated that it will work fine when properly taken care of. One person who commented wrote, "Make sure you wash it regularly with cycles with bleach in them then cycles with vinegar then plain water. Love my machine but it's a lot of upkeep."

If you aren't ready to commit to the upkeep, but still find yourself craving pebble ice, several commenters wrote that both Sonic and Chick-fil-A are often happy to sell bags of ice to customers for a low cost. "I just buy 3 bags of [Chick-Fil-A] ice every two weeks for $5," one commenter wrote. Sonic even tweeted that cups of ice can be ordered ahead on its app.