17 Most Awesome Ice Cube Trays

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Alphabet Ice Cubes

For those who need to be mixing up words in your drinks. 

Drink to Try It In: We know kids will get a kick out of this, so why not a juice or sparkling water? It's sure to be a hit at the kids' birthday parties. 

$20, amazon.com


Death Star Ice Cubes

For you Star Wars fans out there. 

Drink to Try It In: A good whiskey or Scotch will last you through your marathons of Star Wars movies on a Saturday night. But it can go into your PG-rated drinks too, especially while throwing a Star Wars-themed kid's birthday party. 

$12, thinkgeek.com 

T-Rex Ice Cubes

For the paleontologist in all of us. 

Drink to Try It In: No kids' party punch bowl, like this kid-friendly party punch with sherbet, would be complete without some dinosaurs roaming in it; for adults, something clear (like vodka) to preserve the bone structure. (So scientific, we know.)

$8, amazon.com


Fish-Bone Ice Cubes

For the food lovers out there. 

Drink to Try It In: A light summer cocktail will go best with your seafood dishes. Try the Summer Sipper cocktail or the Summer Skies cocktail, to let your little fish swim.

$8, beepbee.com


Hip-Hop Ice Cubes

For all of your blinged out needs.

Drink to Try It In: If we thought you could add ice to Cristal champagne, we'd tell you to drink like the rappers — but since that's frowned upon, we'll take a gin and tonic instead. 

$10, coolstuffexpress.com


Ice Invaders Ice Cubes

To make your drink that much more, er, intimidating. 

Drink to Try It In: Let your little guys attack the carbonation in a simple soda or a gin and tonic. We're sure these guys are bound to be a hit with your outrageous kids' birthday parties, too. Add them to a simple birthday party punch and let your kids fight over them.

$10, stupid.com

Spherical Ice Cubes

For the classic cocktails and spirits drinkers.

Drink to Try it In: For the whiskey and Scotch drinkers who are sick of whiskey cubes; watch this big guy melt away as your fears melt away, too. You can never go wrong with a big ice sphere with five classic whiskey cocktails. 

$18. moma.org

Octopus Ice Cubes

For pretending that you're drinking in the deep, blue sea. 

Drink to Try It In: Anything tiki and tropical — a big guy like this would do well in a Scorpion Bowl, or the Grand Cherry Tiki cocktail. 

$9, amazon.com


Pac-Man Ice Cubes

For those feeling a little nostalgic for the days of pinball. 

Drink to Try It In: Any throwback to the '80s and '90s (may we recommend a sought-after Surge?). 

$12, amazon.com



Shark Fin Ice Cubes

For those hoping to inspire a Jaws-like fear into their party guests. 

Drink to Try It In: If you want to be really gruesome, a red-tinged drink might do the trick: try the updated Vodka Cranberry recipe, for a unique twist. 

$8, amazon.com



Caterpiller Ice Cubes

For those who like creepy crawly things (but you know, cute ones.)

Drink to Try It In: A green one, obviously: imagine it in a Midori Sour, or even a mojito (you can pretend like they're crawling through the leaves). For kids, it's a perfect addition to a creepy big birthday party. 

$11, ebay.com

Cat Ice Cubes

For the friend that simply collects too many cat things — hey, now she can add them to her drink!

Drink to Try It In: We dedicate this one to Liz Lemon, a once self-proclaimed cat lover, and her famous drink: the white wine spritzer. Otherwise, something fruity for a girl's night in. 

 $10, bedbathandbeyond.com

Fred Face Ice Cubes

For the drinkers always in a tropical state of mind. 

Drink to Try it In: Anything tiki-related, obviously (Jerry "Beachbam" Berry, we'd personally gift this one to you.) Try it in a cherry tiki cocktail, or even a Blue Hawaiian, and pretend like you're sipping on summer. (Tiki torches not included.) 

$10, kitchenkapers.com





Funny Faces Ice Cubes

For those who like something staring back at them in their drink... well, that sounds creepy. 

Drink to Try It In: Thanks to the sphere shape, it'd be good for a whiskey, or a soda for the kids. 

$3, ebay.com


Vampire Teeth Ice Cubes

For the Twilight and True Blood obsessed (just don't bite on them too hard.)

Drink to Try It In: You can be really literal in your vampire love with a strawberry, rapsberry, or cranberry drink. 

$2, ebay.com


Porsche Ice Cubes

For car geeks (and dudes really, really trying to impress everyone with their ride).

Drink to Try It In: The most expensive whiskey you own, obviously. For kids, though, it's perfect for any birthday punches you might have. 

$20, porsche.com