The Insane Number Of Drink Combinations You Can Get At Sonic

A visit to Sonic Drive-In immediately transports you into years past, during the heyday of drive-ins and servers on roller skates. You pull on up, park, and place your order for a hamburger, onion rings, and a milkshake. The classics.

However, as great as these classics are, your meal just isn't complete without one of Sonic's drinks. Oh, and these aren't just any drinks. For context, Sonic's drinks are so good and so customizable, Restaurant Clicks had to include them in its list of best Sonic menu items.

Sonic's drink menu includes countless bases, from various slushes, lemonades, and teas, to soft drinks, coffee, and ice cream (which may or may not be the reason Sonic's onion rings taste so good). With all the possible bases, syrups, and mix-ins, you can make any kind of drink you want. Although the combinations seem endless, Sonic has in fact come up with an actual number. 

Bet you can't count all of Sonic's possible drink combinations

So, just how many drink combinations can you create with the Sonic menu? A few dozen? A hundred? Maybe a thousand? According to Thrillist, Sonic has calculated its possibilities to be in the realm of a million -– 1,063,953, to be exact. That's quite a lot.

If the sheer number of possibilities feels a bit overwhelming, no worries, the internet has you covered. Reddit, in particular, has plenty of suggestions for your next Sonic happy hour, ranging from a Sprite with any kind of fruity syrup all the way to a blue raspberry slush with strawberries and Nerds mixed in. Others recommended Coke with cranberry and vanilla flavoring or with chocolate and cherry. Another person hyped up a "strawberry mango limeade slushie with extra strawberries."

The moral of the story; next time you go to Sonic, sure, you can order a famous Sonic slush straight off the menu, but you also have so many other combinations you can try. Whatever sounds good, throw it together and give it a taste. You might just discover the next Dr. Van Limer.