Ross Mathews Vowed Not To Give Up Flavor On His Weight-Loss Journey - Exclusive

Completely changing your eating habits and lifestyle is a tumultuous task, especially when information on how to do so is mixed in with "solutions" that don't really work. For instance, fad diets — though popular — are often not sustainable, especially when they involve completely axing carbs and sugar. Television personality and WeightWatchers ambassador Ross Mathews knows that firsthand and believes that moderation is key to achieving your weight-loss goals versus going cold turkey on your favorite foods. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Meal, he opened up about his health journey, which has involved him losing 60 pounds since quarantine.

Mathews started creating "Rossipes" online, which offer low-carb alternatives to the most crave-worthy foods — something that seems especially necessary around the holidays. He said that when someone begins drafting their eating goals, there's an important key to making that plan work: "Flavor is mandatory." The "RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race" host explained, "We're not going to give up flavor or we're not going to maintain, bottom line. That's why diets don't work."

There are no strict rules when it comes to healthier eating habits

If Ross Mathews doesn't support the word "diet," how did he manage to maintain nutritious habits throughout his weight-loss journey?

"Flavor is mandatory, texture is mandatory, and we can't have these strict rules where they say, 'This is unacceptable to eat. These foods are off limits,'" he told The Daily Meal. That's where WeightWatchers comes in, "because it allows you to not have to break up with anything."

Mathews likens dieting to a former relationship with an ex that you just can't quit — which leads to a vicious cycle of unhealthy choices. The celebrity interviewer claimed that once he "broke up" with foods he craved, such as pizza, bread, or chips, he would often "get back together" with them — "because that's what happens when you miss your ex," he said. When you try to cut out something you want completely, you're likely to overindulge when you allow yourself an exception.

Instead, Mathews advises anyone looking to improve their lifestyle not to ditch all of the meals they love, but rather understand that "holding yourself accountable" through moderation will allow room for success. As long as you "keep track of everything," there's no reason to deprive yourself of sweets and carbs — and you can still have all the flavors you crave.

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