Ina Garten's Thanksgiving Pie Is Best With Booze And Store-Bought Crust

If you're hosting Thanksgiving, you know the grind all too well. Planning the menu months ahead, the shopping, the prep, and of course, a morning full of cooking up a delicious meal. Well, there is great news for your Thanksgiving dessert plans — it turns out store-bought is fine! And we know it's the truth, because Ina Garten said it herself. 

The Barefoot Contessa has taken it upon herself to get us all amped up for Thanksgiving by posting some of her favorite dessert recipes via her Instagram page as we count down to the biggest eating holiday of the year. One of the most delicious? A bourbon chocolate pecan pie. It may look difficult to make and taste extra luxurious, but Ina has let us all in on a little secret. 

"It's decadent and delicious and the best part is that it's actually BETTER made with store-bought pie crust," Ina wrote alongside the recipe post

That's right — according to the recipe, which is from her latest book, "Go-to Dinners," this pie calls for "one 9-inch store-bought frozen pie crust. The crust should be defrosted overnight prior to putting this dessert together. 

There's more goodness, though

But this isn't the only thing that's so great about this pie. Not only can you use a store-bought crust, but the ingredient list is loaded with delicious items — chocolate chips, pecans, butter, and sugar. There is also one other very special ingredient (Ina's secret weapon) used to give this pie some additional flavor and help ease those political discussions at the dinner table. This recipe calls for bourbon. And not just any bourbon, but "good bourbon, like Maker's Mark." Easy to make and full of booze? We think this is a Thanksgiving dessert that should go just as viral as Ina's gigantic Cosmo (yes, we're still talking about that). 

Want more store-bought success? Ina penned a piece for the New York Times about how to have a semi-homemade Thanksgiving designed to save time and to keep the stress at bay, which is due out later this week. Making store-bought taste like it was made from scratch? We're here for that!