Stocking The Bar: 10 Essential Tools

1. Jigger: A jigger is the essential bar tool because ingredients must always be measured. Since most cocktails have five or fewer ingredients, the right proportions are paramount.
2. Boston Shaker: Better than the standard three part metal shaker, the Boston Shaker allows you to see your drink being built into the pint glass.
3. Strainer: A strainer is essential in order to separate the ice from a drink you are shaking.
4. Muddler: A muddler is great for extracting the essential oils out of herbs and fruit. You shouldn't make a mojito without one!
5. Bar Spoon: Bar spoons have the perfect length and feel. They are essential if you want your drink stirred, not shaken.
6. Citrus Juicer: Toss out your pre-packaged and pre-bottled citrus juices or mixers immediately! Your drinks will taste better when your citrus is fresh.
7. Cutting Board: Use a cutting board when cutting fresh lemons and limes.
8. Paring Bnife: A paring knife is key for precise slicing and creating garnishes.
9. Bitters: Only a few dashes of bitters will kick up the complexity of your cocktail.
10. Simple Syrup: Simple syrup consists of equal parts sugar and water. They are used as a great way to add sweetness to your drink. Liven up your drinks by creating flavored simple syrups like ginger, lime, basil or sage.


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