34) Bob's Drive Inn, Le Mars, Iowa: Bob Dog from America’s 35 Best Hot Dogs Slideshow

America’s 35 Best Hot Dogs Slideshow

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35) Gray’s Papaya, New York City: New York-Style

The classic New York hot dog comes in many forms, but they’re almost always made by one company: Sabrett. Gray’s Papaya has two New York locations, one on the Upper West Side and another on Eighth Street in the West Village, and these colorful purveyors of old-school New York character grill their natural-casing Sabrett dogs on a flat top, nestle them inside a lightly toasted bun, and top them with mustard, sauerkraut, or the classic "onions in sauce," also made by Sabrett. Lean up against the ledge, wash down a couple with some papaya drink, and be on your merry way, full, content, and out only a few bucks.