Gray's Papaya

Hot Dogs
402 Avenue of the Americas (at W 8th St)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 260-3532



  • The cheapest meal in New York City!
  • Recommended meal: hot dog. The classic New Yorker's poor man's meal. Meat, starch and veg--all in a few mouthfuls. - Anthony Bourdain, host of No Reservations
  • One of the cheapest meals you can get in the city, and it tastes good too! Definitely get the Recession Special two dogs and a drink for only $4.95. Bypass the $1 pizza!
  • Great dogs
  • Try the Coconut Champagne drink with your Recession Special instead of Papaya. You won't regret it.
  • 6th ave and 8th st order two dogs (well done for that caviar crunch) and a papaya drink and understand the promise of AMERICA with its streets paved with gold!!!
  • You have to get the 2 Dogs (with everything) and a drink Combo... It's a NY staple!
  • Gray's Papaya's Hot Dog voted #4 on The Village Voice's 10 Best LateNight Eats in New York City:
  • 2 dogs and get the orange drink
  • A NYC legend. Feel the pop!
  • dog with mustard and kraut
  • Recession special before you hop on the train, it will totally help you feel better the next day.
  • The best pineapple water EVER.
  • Recession Special is always a classic! cheap and good.
  • Are you really going to order a dollar slice at Gray's? Come on. Get a hot dog. Most of all, do NOT get a hot dog and fold it up in a dollar slice like Adam Kuban did.
  • Order the Classic: Two dogs, mustard, large Diet Coke. So good.
  • They're now serving pizza for a dollar a slice. Most awful. Check NYC pizza reviews at
  • sausage, egg, and cheese is greasy and yummy. the hamburger bun makes it.
  • Love the orange drink
  • Awesome as always.

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