Word Of Mouth: GutterGourmet's Best Of New York City

GutterGourmet is a die-hard food adventurer and gourmand. You'll find his critiques, advice and commentary across the online food gastrosphere. Below are his picks for some of New York's best eats. Click here for Gutter's in-depth write-ups of his culinary adventures across America.

Brunch: Barney Greengrass

Fancy: La Grenouille

Best Value: Ushiwakamaru

Bar Scene/Drinks: El Quinto Pino

Business Lunch: Marea

Burger: The Stoned Crow

Pizza: South Brooklyn Pizza

Sandwich: Alidoro (The Pinocchio)

Food Truck: Papa Perrone's Pizza

Regional: Hill Country BBQ

Hidden Gem: La Luncheonette

Mexican/Latin American: Tehuitzingo (Mexican), Margon (Cuban)

Japanese: 15 East

Spanish/Tapas: Socarrat Paella Bar (Spanish), Casa Mono (Tapas)

Thai/Southeast Asian: Sripraphai (Thai), Nha Trang (Vietnamese)

Wine List: Terroir

Chinese: Szechuan Gourmet

Seafood: Aquagrill

Steak: Keens Steakhouse

Italian: Il Buco

Barbecue: Daisy May's BBQ USA

Desserts: Patisserie Claude

Indian: Tamarind 22

Vegetarian: Taim

Wild Card: Degustation