Will Your Favorite NYC Bar Be Open This Weekend?

Staff Writer
Check out the list to see which local watering holes are going to stick it out through the storm

Hurricane or not, most New Yorkers will probably tell you that the thought of staying in one's apartment from 9 p.m. Saturday night to 9 p.m. Sunday morning, as Mayor Bloomberg is advising, is pretty unfathomable. But with the subways shutting down at noon tomorrow, one important question remains: Will you favorite bar still be open?

We called a bunch of bars in the New York City area to check and see what their hurricane contingency plans are. We're going to keep updating this list so if you know of a bar that will definitely be open (or closed), let us know!


These Bars Are Definitely Open

Rodeo Bar: "Yep, rain or shine."

McSorley's: Yes!

Swift: Yes!

The Stonewall Inn: "As far as I know, yes... but that's not very far."

Kettle of Fish: "We'll see... we only close on Christmas Day and we'd like to keep that record."

DBA: Yes!

Rudy's Bar and Grill: "Yes. As long as the hurricane doesn't flood New York City."

Pete's Candy Store: Open!

Schiller's Liquor Bar: Yes!

Tom and Jerry's: Planning on it!

Macao Trading Co: Yes!

4th Avenue Pub: "Assuming we'll be open... as long as Brooklyn doesn't blow away!"

Pacific Standard: Barring any major power outages, etc.

Karaoke Boho: Yep!

Beauty Bar: Open and throwing a party, apparently!

Lure Fish Bar: Open! ("I don't care if water's running down Mercer Street.")


These Bars Are Still Deciding

Loreley: Saturday morning definitely going to start working, and see from there.

Professor Thom's: Definitely open Saturday, "should be" open on Sunday but playing it by ear.

Mission Dolores: Playing it by ear.

Union Pool Hall: Probably.

The Commodore: Probably.

Culture Fix: Still deciding. Bartender doesn't seem to think anyone else in the neighborhood will be open.

Hot Bird: Not sure, playing it by ear.


Read on to see which bars will definitely be closed...