What We're Loving Nostalgia Electrics' Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster

Usually, when it comes to What We're Loving, I am indeed the one who is doing the loving — with the occasional suggestions from friends and colleagues thrown into the mix.

This submission came from The Daily Meal's assistant editor, Tyler Sullivan. Nostalgia Electrics' Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster is a two-slice toaster and mini griddle in one, and Sullivan loves this genius product for the sole reason that "this is breakfast all in one. Bacon, eggs, and bread make you happy. If you have this you will never be sad." 

Agreed! Easy breakfast aside, it's also a space-saver and perfect for newlyweds with a small apartment, college kids, or any household that hosts a number of people for breakfast or any meal, really.

On another note, this is totally going on my own wedding registry.