What We're Loving: 4 Labor Day Party Essentials

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Getting a Labor Day holiday is like getting a chance to relive the Fourth of July. Both patriotic in nature, these holidays inspire friends to gather in the summer sun and throw back good brews while noshing on barbecue favorites. We love everything about the holiday that says goodbye to summer, and before you know it, the day will be here and you want to be ready.

It is easy to forget the little things when planning an event. Sure, the space is reserved, the decorations are up, and the mood music is set. Heck, you even remembered to get all of the ingredients for your signature barbecue sauce. But do you have the bakeware to make your cherry tomato tart  or the dishware to present your tofu mango salsa  The little things make a huge difference when hosting, and something as small as forgetting the skewers can put you into panic mode.

Instead of standing the middle of your backyard with the panic practically dripping off  you, make sure you're armed and ready with the right tools. Being prepared allows the host or hostess to enjoy the party themselves — after all, you did all of the work, so make sure you get to enjoy a little of the fun. Don't get stranded at your own party without these five Labor Day party essentials:

IMUSA Corn Skewers
Sometimes great things come in small packages. This great party essential is a two-for-one: it's both functional and convenient. This nifty little tool helps you to prep and place your cobs on the grill with ease and helps keep your hands clean! Make sure to keep these skewers accessible at your party to serve the corn on the cob to your guests. Available for $5.86 for a pack of 50, these nifty little party helpers would be a waste to not purchase.

IMUSA Multicolor Salsa Dishes
These festive and decorative pieces are perfect for appetizers, dips, guacamole, and salsa. Not only are they great for all of your foods, they will help make your party pop with their bright colors. They are perfect for passing around a party and can be found at just $3.09 for a three-piece set.

T-fal AirBake Nonstick Bakeware
Though they won't actually make an appearance at the party, guests will appreciate what comes off  them. With the right cooking utensils, you can create flawless foods and won't be wasting time cleaning up the mess. You can purchase these nonstick bakeware items at Amazon or Target for $9.99 to $27.99.

T-fal Ice Cream Maker
Something sweet is always welcome at a Labor Day party, but something homemade and sweet is something your guests will leave talking about. Nothing says summer quite like ice cream and now you don't have to run to the store or waste hours of precious time making it. The T-fal Ice Cream Maker can have ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt ready in just 30 minutes. You are just scoops away from homemade frozen treats that can be purchased for only $34.99.