What To Pack When Camping With A Crowd

Whether you're looking to upgrade the campfire equipment you've got stashed in the basement or looking for something new to make cooking for a group of ten around a campfire a bit easier, we've put together our top 10 picks that you shouldn't leave for the trailhead without.


1. Coghlans' Heavy Duty Camp Grill is an ideal companion to any pyro's cookbook, perfect for cooking whole fish, steaks or Dutch oven recipes over an open flame.

2. For the true backcountry culinarian, the Primus Profile Duo packs a non-stick grill and a 1200 BTU burner into a propane-ready suitcase capable of tackling a hangar steak and reduction sauce at the same time.

3. There are dozens of competitors in the fast-and-light category, but MSR's Pocket Rocket is still the people's champ, a simple design that's as light on your back as it is on your wallet. 

4. The Beaver Tree Camp Kitchen is a lightweight organizer that doubles as a pantry, cabinet, silverware tray, and countertop. Yes, it even comes with the kitchen sink.

5. For a truly portable all-in-one cook set, MSR's Flex 4 System has enough accoutrements for a party of four to eat like kings and packs up tighter than a Russian nesting doll.

6. Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil is an indispensible tool for cooking chicken, fish, veggies and classic hobo pack recipes like foil-baked fish with quinoa and peas. Fold raw ingredients into a little packet, sprinkle with seasoning, and add some oil or butter before sealing them up and tossing them on the grill. This method takes only minutes and combines the flavor of grilling with the freshness of steaming.

7. Eggs are the ultimate breakfast food, each one loaded with six grams of hunger-fighting protein and 13 essential nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The only trouble is that they don't hold up too well in a backpack. Luckily, Coghlan's Plastic Egg Holders are nearly unbreakable and come in six- and 12-egg sizes. Problem solved.

8. There's a reason every Alaskan king crab fisherman keeps one of these strapped around his waist at all times. It's so cheap you would think it's meant to be disposable, but this rosewood-handled Victorinox serrated paring knife might just be the best four-inch utility blade on the planet. 

9. Commonly referred to as a "John Wayne," the P-38 was distributed along with canned food rations by the United States Armed Forces from WWII through the 1980's. The name supposedly refers to the 38 punctures required to open a can of C-rations. It weighs less than a money clip and these days costs less than a stamp, so put one on your keychain right now and save yourself the embarrassment of trying to open a can of black beans with a rock. 

10. When the work is done, the dishes have all been licked clean, and neatly stacked away, it's time to break out the guitar, kick up your feet, and let your stomach settle. ENO's SingleNest Hammock goes up anywhere and is designed with high-strength nylon and marine-grade straps to hold you and the leftovers you didn't care to leave for the bears. 

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