What To Drink When You're Sick

Judging by the headlines these days, it's not hard to be scared off by just about every drink in the supermarket aisle. Energy drinks might kill you. Soda might kill you. Heck, even our beloved cup of coffee might kill you, thanks to new studies. It's enough news to make you clutch your (BPA-free) water bottle just a little tighter. And in fact, that might not be such a bad thing. 

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When you're feeling sick — whether nauseous, hungover, down for the count with a cold or migraine — there's no better miracle worker than water. Dehydration is the root of many common illnesses, such as certain kinds of headaches, and hydrating often relieves certain symptoms of illnesses, such as nausea or a sore throat. And water acts as a dieuretic, which can clear the body of toxins faster. So when in doubt, stick with the H2O. 

But there are plenty of other beverages that can relieve all of your illnesses. The next best bet when you're in need of wellness kick in the rear? Tea. Tea may be one of the most healthful beverages you can drink, thanks to its antioxidants and disease-fighting properties. Certain juices (when in their purest form and without added sugars) have been found to relieve aches and pains. And even an occassional soda can do wonders for an upset stomach. No matter your ailment, there's a beverage to help ease the aches and pains. Click ahead to find out what drink is right for you when you're feeling sick.