The Disturbing Truth About Soda

New research shows just how dangerous America's soda habit is

In the midst of the great sugary drink debate, it's good to get some perspective on what's actually at stake: public health. And new research, presented in a nifty inforgraphic, shows that we have a lot more to be concerned about than we think.

From Insurance Quotes, the dangers of Americans' soda habits are in clear view. While National Geographic notes that there's a big difference between sugar-based sodas and corn-based sodas (those that are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, yum), it's still alarming to see the impact one soda a day has on a person. (Take note of the soda timeline and its effects on the body: it's quite scary.) But there is some good news: cutting back from one soda per day to one soda per week can shed 12 pounds, 65 cups of sugar, and more than12,000 calories in one year.

Check out the infographic for yourself to learn more about soda and its health consequences.

Soda Infographic

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Quig's picture

The aspertame in diet soda has it's own set of disturbing dangers. Google it and check it out for yourself.


I guess more and more obese people has nothing to do with more people not exercising and kids running home from school to play computer games and not playing outside like we used to do.What about those recipes for holiday chocolate or pies,where does that stack up?You people should not bash one and promote the other.I work for a soft drink company and many,many jobs depend on soft drinks,so instead of putting blame on product put it on people that consume too many drinks and don't exercise and let their kids sit inside on computer games.We don't need any help losing more jobs,our government is doing a pretty good job of that themselves.

BillFenrir's picture

though alot of this presentation is true you forgot that the one key factor in all of this is that person. In the past I have gone through more than 2 12 packs a day of MTN DEW Game fuel, which has more suger per serving than Red Bull energy drinks. I exercise every other day as a Lcpl in the United States Marines and I can tell you that I dont match any of these descriptions applied above. We are in a down economy were more people struggle everyday to maintain their job and their lives. Many are lazy, depressed, or don't have time to eat how they would like. This being stated, it comes down to genetics mostly. I consume up to 3 times the calories my peers consume in a day. Further more if you want to actually get an article out that supports weight loss do it on malnutrition. The reason I say this is less and less people are eating vegitation all around.

man_made_machine's picture

I'm sorry, this doesnt effect me because I only drink diet

Sillyboy76's picture

The aspartame in diet sodas, replacing the sugars, are actually sooooooo much worse for you than drinking regular soda. Read dis mo fugga

Sillyboy76's picture

Actually causes weight gain too....soo...

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