Monster Energy Drinks Linked to 5 Deaths

In the wake of a family suing the beverage company for their daughter's wrongful death, new FDA reports emerge

It looks like the family of one teenage girl, who they say died after drinking a highly caffeinated Monster Energy Drink, isn't the only family grieving. Now, FDA reports show that five deaths may be linked back to the energy drinks. 

The FDA is investigating the incident reports, which doctors and companies must submit to the FDA every year, reports Bloomberg. It's part of an ongoing investigation into caffeinated drinks. "FDA continues to evaluate the emerging science on a variety of ingredients, including caffeine," said representative Shelly Burgess to Bloomberg. 

So far, there have been 37 reports of adverse reactions to the drinks since 2004; among those are five death reports. That includes reports of nonfatal heart attacks, abnormal heart rate, abdominal pain, and vomiting. A representative for Monster told The New York Times that the company was "unaware of any fatality anywhere that has been caused by its drinks.”

The most common Monster Energy drink, like the one teenager Anais Fournier consumed, contains 240 milligrams of caffeine — nearly seven times the amount of caffeine in a can of Coke. There are currently no FDA standards for limiting the amount of caffeine in an energy drink. Those sodas are looking pretty good now, huh? 

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softwarepalaces's picture

I see nothing wrong with the drink I used to drink two a day for three years when I did newpapers.




Is that Honey Boo Boo's Family? She's like 6 years old and they give her Energy Drinks. Sad. Someone should warn her Family that it could Kill Her.

casa-giardino's picture

Why does the FDA allow such garbage to be marketed?


I need to Aplogize, I posted a comment to you, i am fairly new at Computers, and I clicked the POST COMMENT, It didn't look like it went through, so clicked it again, so you may get a few responses from me


Because a lot of people Don't Die. A lot of things have the Potential to cause damage, kill, they can't ban Everything. i remember there used to be a Diet Product, can't recall the name, but you never heard of anyone dying. Someone, or maybe a ferw people took it wrong, probably didn't follow the directions, it was Outlawed. i thought that was stupid. So a few people are dumb enough , take a double dose of a Drug---then all the Sensible people who DO follow directions suffer. I remember rerading about a woman who took an Herb. Can't remember the Name, it seems it began with a G. It gave her Energy, she felt Great, so----She decided to DOUBLE the Dose---She started feeling worse, No Energy--I can't recall ifb she took more, but she ended up with Liver Failure. All bcause she didn't Follow the directions on the Bottle. There are Directions on Bottles for a Reason. now, maybe that Herb didn't say that if you Double it, can lead to Liver Damage----People need to be Responsable. Again, the FDA can't Ban Everything. They should crack down, maybe make the makers of Energy Drinks put on their labels that the product could hurt if not taken right. i don't Drink energy Drinks Very often, i'll have to look at the label more closely and see if there is warnings on them. Just curious, do you drink Energy drinks? probably not, would be curious if there are warnings on Labels. I'll have to recheck this article to see if the people who Died drank quite a few


I usually drink 1 a day before going to work. Sometimes I will drink two on Fridays, but never more than that. If you are drinking more than 2 a day you're just asking for problems. I bet the people who have died or claimed to have gotten ill were probably already on some other drug(s). For the most part Monster energy drinks work as intended as keeping me alert and awake, other times makes me feel like I haven't slept. I do remember a time when I drank a Red Bull then ate some cake and ice cream I felt ill. I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure that cause by blood sugar level to increase to dangerous level, needless to say I have not done that again since.


I have drank Monster Drinks for over a year, once a day and sometimes two (but rare). I agree with Nosubstance, more than two you're asking for it. Plus if you read on the label the instructions are very clear. Anyone who lets their child (under 18) drink these should be checked for mental problems.... really you're going to let a child drink these?
Red Bull makes me deathly ill, throwing up, and that is one small one... w/o anything to eat..
Monsters are awesome drinks, they give me energy and never make me sick, ever. I drink one 7 mornings a week on an empty stomach, they never bother me, they are amazing :) Rarely will I have a second one.
So here again we have stupid people that do not read labels and get things pulled off the market because of their stupidity.... I hope Monster never gets taken off the market because of these idiots that can't read.

Graziela's picture

Adriana, I hope you have had your teeth checked recently. Consuming even one energy drink a day (much less 4-6) will highly increase your likelihood of having multiple cavities! Be careful, your teeth are important AND all that caffeine is bad for your heart! -a concerned dentist


Graziela, apparently you're one of those who cannot read....
One can of Monster has less caffeine than one tall cup of Starbucks coffee....
And for the cavities... that is what toothbrushes and toothpaste is for LOL


As a possibility--the trade mark triple symbols on the cans brand are almost identical for the Hebrew numbers '666". LOL--who knows? maybe...


ALMOST Identical? They are identical or they're not, Almost Identical is Not Identical

Adriana's picture

I drink about 4-6 monsters a day, I always have my fridge pack with 10 or more these people are just looking for a reason to blame that teenage girls problems on some thing and if so-she probably added some alcohol or drugs like an idiot.

americanineu's picture

I'm *so* glad someone else admits to having multiples per day. I don't right now, but that's simply because of financial reasons. While deployed to Afghanistan (and previously Iraq) we all buy Monsters and Red Bulls by the case. Every time a convoy rolls out the gate there is usually no less than 15 drinks in a truck of four or five guys. On top of that you're popping five-hour energy shots, bags of candy, starbucks double-shots, and whatever else you can get your hands on to keep going with. I understand we're (theoretically) in better shape than some Americans, but surely there can't be *that* much difference in body makeup and the effect of a few Monsters. I know firsthand I can down two full-size Monsters and then run anywhere from two to four miles right after.. my heart is fine. If theirs isn't, they had to have some other medical condition affecting their heart; in which case they shouldn't be taking energy drinks anyway.


Totally agree Adriana, people are looking to blame big successful companies with money.... blame anyone or anything to make up for their lacking in parenting skills.

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